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Introducing Siula – New Double A-Side Single “Golau Gwir” / “Ischia” Out Now via Libertino Records | Single Special

October 11, 2023
Photo Credit: Kirsten McTernan

Introducing Siula

New Double A-Side Single “Golau Gwir” / “Ischia” Out Now via Libertino

We are so excited to share new music from Cardiff-based cinematic pop outfit Siula. Today, they share their new Double A-Side single release which is out via the incredible label and perfect home for the pair, Libertino.

Siula consists of Llion Robertson (Cotton Wolf) and Iqra Malik (Artshawty). Their new outfit is described as a vivid sound pallet evokes a nostalgic yet futuristic dive into a world of poetic optimism and romantic vulnerability. Siula’s songs are dream-like soundtracks to modern film noir.

We are truly blown away by their new release which you can hear below.

Llion explains the making of their debut single: “Every track has to capture an emotion. It has to grab you and pull you in. I’m obsessed with weird electronic music but also with sugary pop and Siula is an attempt to combine the two. We tried to create an affective, emotive sound that makes you want to dance.”

“Golau Gwir” commences with the swift intro to both the expressive vocal harmonies and the shifting synth notes propelling the harmonies with this rhythmic movement. The electronic cadence begins to grow and alter the impressive atmosphere, then the beat kicks in, piercing textures sweep in and fade out all whilst the commanding harmonies deliver this affectionate cut. Malik’s vocal melodies add immersive and delicate tones to the ensemble. As the progression of this track continues, the chimes mark this adjustment to the formation, a key to the striking intensity that billows.

Siula have this remarkable ability to create this evocative ensemble filled with emotion and dance-able traits. The track builds up the journey, and the vocal harmonies move on this looping wave-like pulsation, continuing to pull back and forth with the intricate passages and the depth of the complex yet perfectly positioned synth notes. From a release that starts with minimal textures, this track expands and oozes such an addictive appeal, the mesmeric mirroring in the vocal tones and the gravitational pull of the beats simply exhilarate, prepare to be stunned.

Next up, “Ischia” moves into focus and immediately sheds the intimacy of the first release and brings big house beats and this striking power, united with the sustained synth hits and the commanding and repeated lyrics. Another track that the audience can not only connect with but also feel. The vocal notes, still continuing with their alluring expressive range, the harmonies hit harder with “Ischia” and the synth textures grip.

Siula has dropped a debut release that ensures emotive synth-pop is reaching a whole new level. These new tracks will welcome a growing and deserved fanbase, the quality is unmatched, and both tracks deliver on lasting influence.

Siula’s double a-side release captures this almighty melody and infectious energy. This is a duo that is creating such advantageous and glistening releases, an outfit that we can envisage exploding.

‘Golau Gwir / Ischia’ Double A Side Single Out Now via Libertino

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