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Hilang Child Releases New Single “Picture Hanging” – Out Now via Left Hand Side | Single Feature

October 20, 2023

Hilang Child Releases New Single “Picture Hanging”

Out Now

Last month we were delighted to welcome the return of Hilang Child and the sensational new single “Lapwings“, marking the first new music from the artist since the essential release of the vital album  Every Mover, which was out in 2021 via Bella Union.

A striking follow-up to the breathtaking single that dropped last month, Hilang Child now releases “Picture Hanging”, which is out today and available on his own imprint Left Hand Side via AWAL.

The new track is described as a continuation of Hilang Child‘s break away from the understated tones fans heard in the earlier releases, with pounding drums, upbeat hooks and anthemic energy at the forefront.

Speaking to Ed of Hilang Child about the release, “Picture Hanging is about the meaning and memories held within the unassuming physical objects around you. I was just trying to lift myself out of a bad mood one evening by writing something happy. There were so many little inanimate objects on my desk which carried a connection to a specific happy memory, so I decided to write about each one of them in turn.

As the lyrics progressed I found myself adding bombastic, noisy, uplifting instrumental parts, reflecting the growing elation I was starting to feel in the process. it morphed away from a bouncy little piano thing into a full heavy crashy synth-pop banger. I sent the demo to saxophonist Rittipo (Bastille, Public Service Broadcasting), who doubled up some parts and shredded a massive sax solo. I achieved exactly what I wanted to do; making a positive song and singing about joyful things fully picked me back up and for the first time ever, I genuinely didn’t care whether anyone else liked what I’d written, because the process of making it in that moment bought so much joy

There is a distinct refreshing current forming from the immediate introduction to the bountiful piano keys and the elevated rhythm. The striking and light notes animate the atmosphere and then Ed’s expressive vocal range and courageous harmonies resonate from that piano bounce and further direct the movement with this emotive influence and advantageous character. The soundscape expands in complexities, dynamically shifting as the instrumentation grows.

The looping drum beats harness the power of this euphoric ensemble. Within the first few bars the audience can experience the weight of the arrangement, there is no way you can’t embrace the alluring movement and the striking power of this colossal composition.

Shifting through the immense passages that start delicate and alternate to and from in order to sculpt this enormous formation, the lyrics deliver this vivid landscape we can either share or use to imagine our own world where the release reflects. Ultimately, the track moves and leads to the explosive sax solo, blown away by the influx of electricity it becomes apparent that every single texture and attribute perfectly align to make the saxophone soar above the crushing atmosphere.

When the lyrics of a track can be dark, as a listener we feel that darkness, when there is this immense joy to the instrumentation, to the voyage, the audience too feels that expressive nature and embraces that ecstatic charm. This release is ready to affect, ready to challenge and alter the mood of the listener, join Hilang Child on this euphoric exploration. The jubilance of “Picture Hanging” is contagious.

Hilang Child is the musical project of British-Indonesian singer, songwriter and drummer Ed Riman. Over the years Ed has delivered some of the most emotive-effecting ensembles we’ve experienced. Ed’s efforts mould Hilang Child into one of the most immersive outfits and captivating songwriters of our time.

Hilang Child is supported by funding from PRS Foundation and Help Musicians



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