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Gillie Returns With New Single “Toddi” Out Now via Libertino | Single Feature

October 21, 2023
Photo by Finlay O’Hara

Gillie Returns With New Single “Toddi”

Out Now via Libertino Records

Following the success of the single “Llawn”, which Gillie released in the Spring via Libertino, we now welcome the return with the intricate new ensemble “Toddi”. A sensational follow-up which captures this essential beauty that Gillie controls through the soundscape and the lyrical turns.

A truly immersive arrangement that is out now and showcases a diverse range of delicate tones. The single is described as – ‘Toddi’ is dancing light on clear water, inviting the listener dive in, it finds Gillie at her most blissful, open hearted and serene.

Of the new release Gillie explains: “Toddi is written about the change of seasons, and the change of mindset that comes with that. When I wrote this I imagined myself relinquishing control; the change of light mirrored in my mind, melting into my surroundings, and locking into the pace of a new season. It is a simple song about opening up, filling my heart, and steadying myself for change.” 

These sweeping tones wash over this impressionable atmosphere and add this stirring current to the journey, delicate and warm textures capture this brighter force. This is a gentle creation that exudes this sunkissed shimmer, reflecting from the bouncing rhythms. The soundscape starts to grow as Gillie begins to add layer upon layer, the additional weight crafts a completely refreshing design to the voyage. Gillie‘s unique and harmonic vocal notes chisel this affectionate flow.

There is a sense of freedom that powers through the formation, the dynamic vocal harmonies and the placement of the passages. Additional textures emerge and shape the landscape but there is a captivating appeal bouncing from the impressive contour of this composition. The delicate harmonies which Gillie delivers offer a truly shimming melody and expressive, illustrious range.

Although Gillie described the release as a simple song bout opening up, this track runs through this complex landscape and airs a powerful range of emotion, flowing with ease throughout. It carries a whole lot of heart.




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