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Captain Starlet Releases New Single & Cassette “Self-Portrait”- Out Now via Safe Suburban Home Records

October 20, 2023

Captain Starlet Releases New Single & Cassette “Self-Portrait”

Out Now via Safe Suburban Home Records

Another must-have cassette release for your collection from the Safe Suburban Home legacy. Captain Starlet have just released their new single “Self-Portrait” and the impressive ensemble is set to enthral.

The new track was recorded at Young Thugs studios over a weekend in April and allows the band to broaden their sonic horizons whilst also staying true to their melodic and vibrant style.

The track is described as a partnership, brothers Tom (vox, guitar) and Ethan (guitar) Carroll work in tandem; the former’s bright vocals are complemented by the latter’s jangly guitar playing to create something powerful and compelling. The locked-in synergy of Sam Festenstein’s (bass) and Cam Baker’s (drums) playing carries the track through towards its manic finale.

Self-Portrait sweeps into the height of its formation immediately. The glistening guitars and brighter textures blaze into the journey, elevated by the weight of the bass. The drum hits pack a punch and the impromptu stop-starts in the instrumentation and the vocal notes reinforce this courageous pattern, intricate and tantalizing. The vocal harmonies, lifted with the additional tones assist with the hypnotic enforcement of this ensemble, and the track shifts through such power allowing the tonality to shimmer with this colourful essence.

Captain Starlet unites various elements and influences of alt-rock, grunge, surf-rock and more to create this almighty sonic soundscape brimming with infectious attitude.

This composition continues to expand, and whilst your attention is fixated on twists to this rapid melody and layered soundscape, the track soon explodes to this anthemic splendour. As the colossal conclusion of the composition heads into play, the intensity heightens and this addictive pull to the noise-battered notes exudes pulsing maximalist musicality.

Running Water follows and captures a completely new design of hooks, whilst showcasing the strength of this outfit. The track oozes this chorus-led guitar, enriched with this resonating tonality and softer drive. A shorter exploration in length but still portraying countless hooks, the track channels a whole new vibrance. Mesmeric, richer tones, embrace this organic essence, and the character of this exploration feels like a track that would have been flying high in the late 60s/early 70s. That undeniable warmth from the tones fuse with the elevated vocal harmonies and melodic turns throughout and excites the listener.

Captain Starlet capture such sincerity and vibrance in their work, a soulful force oozes through each of the tracks that effortlessly captivates the listener.





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