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Beirut Shares New Single “The Tern” from New Album “Hadsel” out 10th November via Pompeii Records & Announces 2 Nights at Berlin’s Tempodrom in February 2024

October 12, 2023
Photo credit: Lina Gaißer

Beirut shares new single “The Tern” from upcoming album “Hadsel” out 10th November via Pompeii Records

Announces 2 nights at Berlin’s Tempodrom in February 2024, Beirut’s only planned live performances

With the release of new single “The Tern”, Zach Condon brings listeners further into the awe-inspiring arctic world of Beirut’s anticipated new album, Hadsel. Due out 10th November via his on his own Pompeii Records, the LP is Beirut’s first in nearly five long years, named after the life-changing location that inspired its creation. Listen to “The Tern” below-

The electronic beats start and punch through the atmosphere with this clear hit, the tones grow and expand, elongated notes shift and the expressive vocal harmonies simply command your full attention. The infectious release continues to loop and repeat becoming this alluring melody that sticks, all whilst the track conveys the best of Beirut’s heartfelt harmonies and the rolling rhythms and shuffles intensify greatly. The composition leads to their euphoric finale.

Following the persistent throat issues that forced him to cancel the end of Beirut’s Gallipoli tour in 2019, and question whether he would ever be able to play a live show again, Zach Condon sought not only to recover, but to escape. He manifested a dream of retreating to a small cabin where the sun rarely rises above the horizon, and in the first days of 2020, he arrived on the island of Hadsel, far up in the northern part of Norway in the middle of Vesterålen. There, Condon met a collector and fellow organ enthusiast named Oddvar, who gave him access to the local Hadselkirke. Dating back to the early 1800s, the wooden, octagonal structure housed the first church organ that Condon would play, and for two months he began to build the foundations of this album. Fully written, performed and recorded by Zach Condon, Hadsel brings Beirut back to its solitary yet self-assured roots, exploring new sounds and foreign settings while simultaneously proving to himself that he can once again manage on his own.

Having previously shared lead single “So Many Plans”, a soaring first preview that delivered Beirut’s strongest streaming launch to date, the message and arrangement of “The Tern” climb to similarly ascendant heights. Zach Condon explains: “The base of this song comes from an old Roland synthesizer and drum machine part which I had lying around from a previous Berlin session. The lyrics I improvised on the spot and finished the song off by adding layers of church organs and hand percussion. I stacked the parts high despite always being afraid of overdoing it. In the end I was confused how I had written such a seemingly positive and even hopeful song, but once I took a closer look at the lyrics, I saw the real nature of the hidden defeat and triumph of caution rather than of hope.

Since first starting the project as a curious 14-year-old, Zach Condon has grown Beirut into an ever-expanding world that keeps stretching even further. Throughout his pivotal months in Hadsel, he would carry a portable studio setup and Austrian tape machine to and from the church organ, spending dark and snowy nights shaping these songs with arrangements of trumpet and modular synthesizers. By the time he returned home to Berlin the pandemic had shut the world down, but he took it as an invitation to finish what he started. He rediscovered and incorporated the baritone uke, fleshed out songs with his French horn, layered hand drums and shakers on top of old drum machines and the strange percussion sounds he had created in Norway, growing and evolving until ultimately arriving at the final versions of these 12 songs.

Between the formative recordings Zach Condon recently unearthed on 2022’s Artifacts compilation, the Balkan brass music that influenced Beirut’s debut Gulag Orkestar LP, the Italian town where 2019’s widely acclaimed Gallipoli was made, the illustrious world stages the band has played and the millions of fans they have made across the globe, Hadsel is a renewed beginning in a career that continues to embrace previously uncharted territory

On 16th and 17th February 2024, Zach Condon will return to the stage for Beirut’s first live shows since that fateful 2019 tour. At the magnificent Tempodrom in his current home city of Berlin, Condon will be joined by an ensemble of new and returning members including Aaron Arntz (piano), Ben Lanz (trombone/sousaphone/piano), Clarice Jensen (cello), Griffin Rodriguez (bass), Kyle Resnick (trumpet), Nick Petree (drums/percussion) and Yuki Numata (violin). As the only concerts he plans to perform in support of the entirely self-written, self-recorded and self-produced Hadsel, Condon and the band will expand the music from its solitary roots and combinations of modular synths, baritone uke and horns, into a sweeping, collective experience of beauty and wonder.

Beirut’s Tempodrom shows are on-sale at 10am CEST this Friday, October 13th. Find tickets and more information at

1. Hadsel

2. Arctic Forest

3. Baion

4. So Many Plans

5. Melbu

6. Stokmarknes

7. Island Life

8. Spillhaugen

9. January 18th

10. Süddeutsches Ton-Bild-Studio

11. The Tern

12. Regulatory

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