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AhGeeBe Announces Debut Album “Chin Up, Chief” due November 3rd via Bubblewrap Collective & Shares New Single “Waiting / Looking” | Single Feature

October 6, 2023

AhGeeBe Announces Debut Album “Chin Up, Chief” due November 3rd via Bubblewrap Collective

& Shares New Single “Waiting / Looking”

The news of this debut album is long-awaited, and we are so excited to share details surrounding the forthcoming release from AhGeeBe. The forthcoming 10-track record titled “Chin Up, Chief” will be released on November 3rd via Bubblewrap Collective. Through Bubblewrap, Rhodri has released lo-fi home recordings and a couple of EP’s under his own name, as well as a Welsh Music Prize nominated album ‘Pontvane’, alongside Eugene Capper and next month will see the release of a record a decade in the making. The album will be available on vinyl but the copies are selling fast so be sure to pre-order your own copy.

No stranger to our site, we first introduced our readers to Cardiff’s AhGeeBe a few years ago. AhGeeBe is the stage name of Welsh songwriter, pedal-steel player and general all-round multi-instrumentalist, Rhodri Gwyn Brooks. Through the past decade performing and recording with various artists (Melin Melyn, Gia Margaret, Novo Amor, Georgia Ruth & Ivan Moult to name a few), Rhodri has drawn on inspiration from artists such as George Harrison, Wilco and Neil Young, to produce his distinct brand of country Americana.

Alongside details of the album, AhGeeBe has shared new single “Waiting / Looking” which you can hear below. The track, as well as the album, also features the musical talents of Dave Newington (drums), and Sam Barnes (Bass). Barnes also mixing and mastering the record.

The intoxicating glide across the fretboard and the tones from the immediate rhythm exude this captivating warmth, a connection to this track is established before the emotive vocal notes play in. When Rhodri‘s vocal notes shift the journey, this emphasises the power and energy that simply thrive. The intimate lyrics and their poignant delivery capture this timeless echo.

The deeper into the vast atmosphere on offer, the wealth of rich tonalities, shimmering textures and expressive harmonies all collide to deliver a track with purpose.

This track, which no doubt resonates with the forthcoming album, provides a track of immersive warmth and country-inspired mystery. The landscape is so vivid, and the clarity of the affection is positioned at the forefront of this ensemble and provides this stirring quality to the voyage. AhGeeBe has created something that could easily be found as a soundtrack to some pivotal moments, a track that weaves this wealth of emotionally charged attributes into this evolving world.

Writing about the track, Rhodri explains: “This song is from the point of view of a friend, watching the breakdown and aftermath of a relationship between two close friends. It’s about those two different paths people tend to take when leaving a relationship and moving on to the next part of their lives.

Musically, I wanted to keep the instrumentation quite traditional and giving the piano a chance to lead the melody at certain points. Alongside this, there’s an ‘answer and call’ element to the backing vocals during the chorus to reflect the themes of the song. It’s my bad attempt of sounding like The Supremes.




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