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YAY MARIA Shares New Single and Animated Video “L’APPEL DU VIDE” & Announces New EP “SUPERBIA” due October 20th via I’m Not From London

September 21, 2023
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YAY MARIA Shares New Single and Animated Video “L’APPEL DU VIDE”

& Announces New EP “SUPERBIA” due October 20th via I’m Not From London

YAY MARIA is absolutely no stranger to our site, the trans musician and in our view, pop icon, has been releasing some of the most immersive orchestrations over the last few years. Since following Maria from her earlier days of Grawl!x and now to YAY MARIA, the vision for this creative artist has evolved but each release simply captivates.

Life always seems both clearer and brighter when there is music from YAY MARIA to immerse yourself within. We are so excited to share that Maria will be releasing her first EP “SUPERBIA” next month, October 20th will welcome the release on new label I’m Not From London.

The forthcoming record is described as a release intent with the mission of combating negative narratives about Queer & Trans folk with joy, love & Queer life. The EP was co-produced by both Maria & Tom John Hall (Year Of Glad), who also produced Maria’s previous album ‘OYEZ’ which came out in 2021. The new EP will feature the wonderful talents of singer-songwriter LILY BLU & Oxford based musician & DJ EB.

To mark the announcement of the forthcoming release, YAY MARIA returns with a standout new single “L’APPEL DU VIDE” which features this vibrant new animated music video, also created by YAY MARIA, years of work to create this captivating film. It follows our heroine’s odyssey through the oceans, to the underworld & to a strange other land where she encounters a fearful decision, guided by a moribund figure known as ‘The Jester’. (Voiced by Michael Muyunda).

This colourful creation screams this 8-bit influence, euphoric exploration reaches such heights as the voyage embarks and continues to grow with each essential attribute, texture and sweeping vocal harmony. This sense of lightness controls the dynamic composition despite the depth of the complex lyrical course and the contrast of the creation of this track, YAY MARIA moves the audience by utilizing intimate lyrics and darker tones with this elevated emphasis to the illustrious pop hooks.

Prepare to be dazzled by the composition and the compelling animation that accompanies the track. A film to easily lose yourself within.

Speaking of the forthcoming release, YAY MARIA comments:

“‘SUPERBIA’ (Latin for ‘Pride’) is about a couple of things. Firstly, it’s about life as a Queer person. Thus,
it’s quite a personal record & I’m certainly not wanting to speak on behalf of the entire Trans &/or Queer
community. These are very much my experiences. The previous album I made ‘OYEZ’ was essentially a coming out record, so this is kind of a post coming out story. Life as a Queer person. & life as me as a Queer person, given that it discusses some quite dark subject matter, mostly cos that’s the way I write

Secondly, I also made this E.P for Queer people in the sense that I feel there is a lot of negative coverage
of the trans & queer community currently. So I wanted something that was just for us. Something that is
audibly enjoyable whilst talking about real stuff. I want it to be relatable & I didn’t just want the record to say ‘Let’s Party! Everything’s great! Being Queer is easy & simple’. Because it’s not. It’s also wonderful & I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Finally, there is the main theme, which is Queer Love. Almost every song on the record is about a
relationship from one person to another. (Not necessarily a romantic/sexual one) Alot of it is about
friendships & companionship & love as a Queer Trans person.”


More details of the release will follow shortly, for now, keep that video on repeat.




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