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Tonguetied Announces Debut EP “BLOOM” for October 27th via Underplay & Shares New Single “Selfish Girl”

September 20, 2023
Photo Credit: Zak Watson

Tonguetied Announces Debut EP BLOOM for October 27th via Underplay

New Single “Selfish Girl” Out Now

Tonguetied announces her debut EP BLOOM for October 27th. New preview ‘Selfish Girl’ is out now. Completely self-written and produced, ‘Selfish Girl’ is the latest glimpse into Tonguetied’s translucent world. AKA Elena Garcia, her songwriting is that of a diarist, treading a line between a direct and indirect gaze. This is emphasised by the vagueness in the press shots and visuals. 
Replete with what is becoming her trademark production style – arpeggiated synth pulses duelling with her ethereal vocals, ‘Selfish Girl’ poured out of Elena as a cathartic expression of social angst, it as she explains:   

“Born from a place of frustration, Selfish Girl was one of the fastest songs I’ve ever written. The lyrics and melody came to life within around 15 minutes. 

As I grow and find my footing in this strange and very often unfair world, I become increasingly aware of those around me who don’t seem to align on the importance of self reflection. We all make mistakes, and all have moments of taking our lives for granted, but a perpetual inability to entertain the privilege you walk through life with, starts to become inexcusable. 

Navigating friendships and communication in your 20s can be difficult – Selfish Girl provides me with an outlet to scream “I don’t care what you have to say” into the musical abyss, and save my more put-together and perhaps constructive conversational approach, for real life.” 

Tonguetied consumes you with this moody, dramatic and moving ensemble. The immense vocal range and harmonies sweep through the complex soundscape and move the emotion. Tonguetied holds this vivid affection in the palm of their hand, guiding the emotional resonance through the electronic textures and sonically surging tones.

The audience is flawed by the flourishing evolvement of this arrangement and the lyrics. Easily one of the most moving and accessible experimental sounds going right now. The electronic synth notes hit hard as they push through the atmosphere and mould the intensity, perfectly complimenting the fierce harmonic range.

Sonically, folk music is taken as a starting point of inspiration, before being twisted with electronic music’s limited possibilities – Tonguetied sees her music as a balance-point between Julia Jacklin and Grimes. Cues are also taken from Young Fathers’ production, and the sound is reminiscent of varied artists like Kate Bush, Caroline Polachek and Daughter, or more dance focused lanes like Yunè Pinku. 
The release continues a compelling introduction – whilst early in her career, she has already caught the attention of vital tastemakers BBC 6 Music, The Independent and CLASH magazine

BLOOM EP is out on October 27th. ‘Selfish Girl’ – the new single is out now.

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