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The Planes Release New Album “Dark Matter Recycling Co.” – Out Now via Safe Suburban Home Records (UK) & Totally Real Records (US)

September 30, 2023
Album Cover by Jackie Perrone and Stephen Perry

The Planes Release New Album “Dark Matter Recycling Co.”

Out Now via Safe Suburban Home Records (UK) & Totally Real Records (US)

New York’s The Planes‘ have just celebrated the release of their new 10-track album “Dark Matter Recycling Co.”, the album officially came out earlier in the month, launching on 15th September and is available via our good friends Safe Suburban Home Records in the UK, and Totally Real Records in the US.

The Planes’ were founded in Brooklyn in 2010 by singer/guitarist Stephen Otto Perry and their reputation is something else. The current line-up consists of Perry, drummer Don Lavis and bassist Jackie Perrone and their new album simply dazzles. The power of this outfit is infectious, grand and uncompromised. The Planes bring this nostalgic influence in their vision and whilst gravitating towards this iconic 90s indie punk flair, they certainly add their own innovative spin on their craft.

Dark Matter Recycling Co.” is this outfit’s 6th full-length album release and proudly showcases its ability to allure its audience with these moving, dynamic and intricate ensembles. A record rejoicing in this compelling energy, distinct tonality, brash intensive peaks, angular strikes and shifting time signatures. The vocal notes are positioned so they bring this striking effect to the tracks, gliding through such mammoth soundscapes with this delicate touch.

The new album commences with an instant introduction to the darker textures, brooding tonality and impressive guitar rhythms. The album opener captures the range of this outfit, from their intricate guitar layers to the depth of their low end, a track which shuffles to and from these almighty peaks and allows each musician to truly shine. Whereas the following release oozes this 90s appeal. The contrast in their ability plays throughout the entire journey of the album, and whilst the track-listing perfectly flows with ease, the album screams The Planes, whilst each track delivers variety, progression and this expressive range of melodies. The course is unpredictable and that brings this fun character to the record.

The entire album flitters through moments of fuzzy distortion and angular attributes to brighter passages of clarity. This adventurous record is so easy to embrace. From one minute you’re mesmerised by the punk surroundings and the gritty notes and the next these cathartic noodles shine and the percussive focus leaves you in awe. Fast-paced frantic tempos to these grungier, slower, colossal compositions are built with intensity. The smoother vocal harmonies shimmer throughout each soundscape.

The Planes have created this tantalizing record that embraces a hybrid of influenced touches of 90’s indie, punk, psychedelia to surf-pop tones and yet embraces a refreshing resilience. A record that flourishes from this fresh feel, each track has the familiar warmth yet as a whole “Dark Matter Recycling Co.” delivers this original collection you can return to time and time again.






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