The Drums Share New Single “The Flowers” – New Album “Jonny” out October 13th via ANTI-

September 22, 2023
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Share new single “The Flowers”
Album ‘Jonny’ out Oct 13th via ANTI-

The Drums share “The Flowers,” the final sneak peak of the highly anticipated new studio album Jonny out October 13 via ANTI-. The 16-track album beautifully chronicles lead singer Jonny Pierce’s journey confronting the deep-rooted childhood trauma he experienced growing up in a cult-like religious community in upstate New York, and ultimately coming through the other side to a place of newfound self-understanding and self-love. 

On “The Flowers,” Jonny sees how the truest love is found in small moments of tenderness. Pierce clarifies, “With ‘The Flowers’ I explain how slowing down and being tender saved my life and how it became the key to loving myself, building confidence in myself, and being able to love another in a meaningful way. To love from a place that isn’t desperate, but from a place that is centered, calm, and gentle and sweet.”

Well, each track released from the forthcoming album has been stellar, complete compelling and moving arrangements. This album is already on track for greatness and a welcome return for The Drums. Each track that has been shared, teasing us of the quality of the arrangements on the new record, each proudly showcases such a diverse range and tracks that move you and flaw you with impressive beats and addictive hooks. “The Flowers” gives soul to the voyage, an enchanting exploration.

Jonny is filled with self-reflective songs as well a series of minute-long vignettes that ground the album in gentle introspection as Pierce sings directly to his younger selves. Always finding the balance between aching melancholy and irresistible pop sensibilities, the album finds Pierce peering through a kaleidoscope of shimmering guitars, reverb, modular synthesizers and drum machines: a sonic identity that has been uniquely, and wholly The Drums since their emergence 15 years ago. In addition to “The Flowers”, Jonny features the recent string of tracks including “Better,” “Obvious”, “I Want It All”, “Isolette” and Plastic Envelope / Protect Him Always, all of which have become instant fan favorites on The Drums’ recent sold-out headline tour across North America.
Soaring to alt-pop prestige nearly fifteen years ago with a renowned self-titled debut, The Drums continue to thrive, influence and reinvent with every project. Pierce initially conceived of the band back in 2008 and what resulted was a string of six studio albums and worldwide acclaim. Their music remains timeless, as evidenced by the recent explosion of their song “Money,” which first appeared on their breakout sophomore album Portamento. Transforming into a viral sensation earlier this year – over a decade since it was first released – the song has since bloomed with a second life, eclipsing over 230 million streams on Spotify alone, achieving RIAA Gold-certification, and reaching #1 on the Alternative Global Shazam chart and the #2 TikTok Global Hashtag.

‘Jonny’ track list:

I Want It All


I’m Still Scared



Little Jonny

Plastic Envelope

Protect Him Always

Be Gentle


Green Grass


The Flowers

Teach My Body

Pool God

I Used to Want To Die

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