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Seán Grant And The Wolfgang Release New EP “Kybalion Part II” – Out Now via Vandalism Begins at Home Records | Release Feature

September 1, 2023

Seán Grant And The Wolfgang Release New EP “Kybalion Part II”

Out Now via Vandalism Begins at Home Records

Back in June, prolific musician Seán Grant celebrated the release of his first of two EP releases of 2023, titled “Kybalion Part I”, the 4 track release exploded onto the scenes released via Vandalism Begins at Home Records. The EP teased us that despite the immense quality of these 4 tracks, more music was to be added to Seán‘s catalogue and this filled us with more excitement. Today, the EP is followed up with 4 more exhilarating compositions as “Kybalion Part II” is released via VBAH.

The new EP wastes no time in hurtling the audience into the midst of these destructive, damning creations. The opener commences and engulfs the audience, transporting the listener into the midst of this deeply expressive soundscape, brooding tones and big deep textures capture the intensity of this darker arrangement. The weight delivers this challenging air as the track starts drifting through softer calmer passages where Seán‘s hypnotical vocal harmonies carry the direction and the affection before the intensity ramps up and the instrumentation further expands. The expansion offers this raucous appeal and gripping tonality. Breaking through the summit of this colossal composition, Seán‘s dynamic vocal delivery and immersive melody simply dazzle.

We are always in such awe of this outfit, each track they produce proudly delves into some complexity with both lyrical direction and the magnitude of the ferocious instrumentation. Seán has this fearless ability to weave volatility and intimacy through the vast and aggressive soundscapes.

This quality fluctuates throughout the following 3 tracks which unite brutality, sweeping harsh passages especially present throughout “Duality“, compelling drum shuffles and this punching low end, and these attributes explore more expressive textures whilst the vocal notes glide above the obscurity.

Throughout the darker landscapes, the lyrics twist with the weight of the tones to inject this affection into the direction of each creation. We’ve stated before but Seán is a wordsmith with so much ground to cover, and effortlessly able to emit these words into this fuel that ignites the soundscape and mirrors the resilient affection, what a triumphant skill. 

The EP ends with this anthemic piece, where acceptance is threaded to the core of this mood-altering masterpiece. The record journeys through these barbarous boundaries and ends on this innovative, magical ensemble that reflects the importance of appreciation.

This EP drives in on the bold and brash influences whilst infusing sincerity and soul, you will be mesmerized by this ambitious and explosive collection. To deliver two EPs consecutively that still convey such importance and this easy connection to the listener, what a remarkable year for the Wolfgang.





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