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Philip Selway & Elysian Collective Announce “Live At Evolution Studios” out 8th December via Bella Union & Share New Recording of “Picking Up Pieces”

September 20, 2023

Philip Selway & Elysian Collective Announce “Live At Evolution Studios” out 8th December via Bella Union & Share New Recording of “Picking Up Pieces”

Back in February Philip Selway released his new album Strange Dance to widespread acclaim before embarking on a sold-out UK tour throughout the Spring. Today, Philip Selway & Elysian Collective announce Live At Evolution Studios out 8th December via Bella Union and available to preorder here.

A companion piece of sorts to Strange Dance, this superb new live recording features Selway collaborating with celebrated string quartet Elysian Collective and percussionist Chris Vatalaro, reimagining his songs in a slimmed-down setting. To accompany the release Selway has shared the live recording of album highlight “Picking Up Pieces

Picking Up Pieces” was one of the most moving releases taken from the Strange Dance album. The track just resonates with the listener, and to now hear the composition in a live setting surrounded and enhanced by the mesmeric touch of the string quartet Elysian Collective and the delicate shuffles contributed by percussionist Chris Vatalaro- simply enthrals. The combination and the energy of each musician alters that connection to the ensemble once more.

The moving live version brings this warmth to the vision. The track from start to finish provides this pivotal journey, emotion channeling through every attribute and now reinforced by the musicians involved. A complex, expressive and commanding release, the strings enhance the volatility of the arrangement. Philip Selway has created this everlasting composition that will continue to ignite feelings at any point you discover or re-listen to this track.

Commenting on the album Selway says: “This session with Elysian Collective and Chris Vatalaro was recorded at Evolution Studios in Oxford, where I recorded the bulk of Strange Dance and also my soundtrack work. It took place at the end of April ’23, just before I went out to do my UK and European dates. I originally brought this ensemble together to play at the launch event for Strange Dance back in February, as I felt this combination of string quartet and percussion, together with my vocals, piano and guitar would be a compact way to capture the scope of the varied musical textures on the album. I was so made up with how it sounded and how it reframed the songs, that I wanted to capture this dynamic in a recording. As well as songs from Strange Dance, there is also a version of one of my soundtrack pieces, ‘People Of The Sea’ (the original is on Liminal, the bonus album) and a track called ‘Song For Us’. This one was written as a pitch piece for a TV show. I didn’t get the gig, but I was delighted with how this song turned out. It’s how I sound as a one man band and it felt as though it rounded off the record nicely. I’ve worked extensively with Elysian Collective and Chris Vatalaro since my second solo album, Weatherhouse.”

The artwork for the album features another painting by the artist Stewart Geddes, who Selway collaborated with on Strange Dance.

1. The Heart of it All

2. Picking Up Pieces

3. People of the Sea

4. The Other Side

5. Little Things

6. Check For Signs Of Life

7. There’ll Be Better Days

8. Song For Us


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