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Part Time Signals Announce Debut Album “Another Day In Paradise” due 13th October via Bubblewrap Collective & Share New Single “Lazy” | Release Feature

September 13, 2023

Part Time Signals Announce Debut Album “Another Day In Paradise” due 13th October via Bubblewrap Collective & Share New Single “Lazy”

In Spring of this year we introduced our readers to the new outfit Part Time Signals. The project was formed by Sock vocalist and guitarist Jacob Church. The band came together initially by taking demo seeds written by Jacob, which were then planted into a musical garden when introduced to a live band setting. Part Time Signals features the talents of Sam Barnes (bass), Gavin Jenkins (drums) and Michael Blanchfield (keys).

Since then, the quartet have dropped two incredible singles and have now announced details of their brand new debut album titled “Another Day In Paradise“, which is due to be released 13th October via Bubblewrap Collective.

Following on from tracks ‘Take Me For A Ride’, and The Man’, which we’ve previously featured and will sit on the upcoming album, today the outfit releases their final taste of music from their exciting collection. Today they unveil a new track “Lazy“, of which Jacob details “Lazy is a familiar feeling, it’s a laidback groove you can listen to while you’re feeling lazy in the morning.

Part Time Signals have this very immersive quality through their vivid creations, they immediately capture the attention of the listener in the midst of these vast atmospherical ensembles. Each track, especially present in “Lazy”, commences and consumes the audience from the get-go. “Lazy” exudes the theme of the song title into the hypnotic current of the passages and the textures, the sweeping formation kicks off in what feels like mid-way through its addictive loop.

Through the sweeter textures, exuberant lead rhythm, dazzling tones from the percussive shakes and jaunty notes, form this bountiful soundscape with a controlled intensity. The world that “Lazy” offers, allows the gentle vocal harmonies to glide through the complexities and add this influx of charm to the mesmeric movement. Part Time Signals has this powerful ability to provide a wealth of imagery through their tonality, their lyrics and the affection of the soulful arrangement.

Another track which conveys the intricacies of their vision, and cements sincere excitement for the forthcoming record.



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