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PARCS Release New Single “Wait!”- Out Now via Phwoar & Peace | Single Feature

September 13, 2023

PARCS Release New Single “Wait!”

Out Now via Phwoar & Peace

PARCS brought this immense synth euphoria to the start of summer with their previous single “Heaven“, which came out earlier in the year. Now, the outfit is celebrating joining forces with Phwoar & Peace and has today released their new single “Wait!”, already a track destined for greatness and a release that solidifies this new voyage with the outfit and their label.

The new single is described as being inspired by disco four to the floor drums, melodic synths & a driving bass line. Its lyrical themes are about seeking short-term highs in places you know you probably shouldn’t. It’s the first track in which both Elly and Kristy collaborated lyrically and vocally, with Liam and Joe contributing heavily to the production and songwriting. 

“The song’s origins were a simple loop drum and synth loop recorded in a rehearsal room, soon becoming an idea that we couldn’t help but add to and construct a more elaborate groove. We wanted to explore a different angle of the PARCS sound while still maintaining that core dream-like, synth heavy character but also introducing some bigger and brighter sounds.”

After finishing the writing and recording at home, vocals were then recorded with Richard Jackson (The Automatic, Future Of The Left, The Nightmares) who also mixed and mastered the track.

That summer-inspired upbeat ecstasy kicks into the new release from the sweeping introduction to the bright textures and immersive grooves. PARCS have the ability to thread this complex fabric of multiple layers, addictive hooks and an abundance of synth tones, percussive pushes and bold bass notes. PARCS ensures with their vision, that the listener is immediately caught in the midst of this compelling creation, one which exudes this contagious melody and crafts this deeper disco-led pace. Whilst the brighter tonalities loop and intensity throughout the journey, the vocal harmonies glide over the rhythms and inject this glimmer of fragility. The result is a stunning and sincere joyous ensemble.

The track shifts through this explosive landscape, meandering through short tempo breaks to the powerful and rapturous amalgamation of each harmonic passage and elevated percussive attribute. PARCS bounce from Elly to Kristy to emphasise the importance of the lyrics as the movement and vocal course amplify throughout the impressive structure.

The musicians’ contagious energy is caught with such clarity in the latest recorded effort. PARCS works best when all of the musicians have the space to expand within their direction, and that powerful detail conveys their immersive and expressive energy.

To see the progression of PARCS over the last few years has been an enthralling experience, their vision remains unparalleled as they continue to produce the most infectious and melodic synth-pop arrangements. This outfit can unite intimacy with some of the most complex soundscapes you’ll embrace, with each release they share showcasing this unique ability to connect to the listener, inspire movement from the beats and leave this elated impression.





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