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Los Blancos Announce New Single “Ffuglen Wyddonol” – Out Now via Libertino | Single Special

September 19, 2023
Photo Credit: Trigger Happy Creative

Los Blancos Announce New Single “Ffuglen Wyddonol”

Out Now via Libertino

2 months on from their blazing single release “Christina” which dropped mid-Summer, Los Blancos return with their second single taken from their anticipated sophomore album. Today, Los Blancos share “Ffuglen Wyddonol” (Science Fiction in English), out via Libertino Records. The single marks a mammoth summer for the band filled with festival dates and live shows.

“Ffuglen Wyddonol” is described as a release that finds our garage, slacker punk heroes in a reflective yet gloriously raggedy and joyous place. With its call and response and ‘punky’ group vocals, Los Blancos yet again reveal over ‘Ffuglen Wyddonol’ exuberant 2.15 minutes that they are the kings of capturing deep emotion and marrying it to the most vital and instinctively honest ‘rock and roll’.

The band comments, “‘Ffuglen Wyddonol’ is a song born from an deep appreciation of America’s west coast surf pop. It’s a love letter to someone very close and dear, trying to lift them from the free-fall of self-destruction by using a creative outlet. Based on personal experience, the lively and uplifting groove of the song is a tool to achieve this.

Ffuglen Wyddonol fires into this mesmeric abundance of swirling sounds and this gritty yet groove-laden texture, and immediately Los Blancos provides this fierce soundscape that oozes such a vibrant loop and rhythmic punch. The drum beats hit through the landscape with this buoyancy, a perfectly gripping tempo with bouncy shuffles and colliding cymbal hits. The tonality of this ensemble fires up the aggressive appeal of this voyage, the guitar passages scratch through the complex layers and the call-and-response vocals leave this infectious imprint. It’s a raucous creation with fun resonating from the structure.

Los Blancos capture this immense thrill within their vision, that ecstatic attribute bursts through the atmosphere and commands your entire attention. The new high-octane composition carries this emotive nostalgia, there is a touch of 90’s indie anthemic genius running through this creation, it hooks you and allows you to embrace the sonically surging soundscape.

Once again this band captures with ease their powerful energy, Los Blancos are delivering some of the most expressive and challenging tracks and installing sincere excitement for their forthcoming album.

Ffuglen Wyddonol is out now via Libertino




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