Crystal Fighters Announce New Album  “Light +” due November 3rd via [PIAS] and Share New Track “Love X3”

September 22, 2023

Crystal Fighters Announce New Album and Share New Track “Love X3”

 Light + Due Out November 3 via [Pias]

Crystal Fighters, the Basque inspired, world influenced, alternative band have announced details of the release of their 5th album, LIGHT +. Releasing via [PIAS] on Friday November 3, the band have also shared “Love x3”, the latest track to be lifted from the album.

Talking about “Love x3”, Sebastian from the band comments: “It’s asking for us to experience love as a collective. It’s what can sustain us, and heal us as a society,” he says. “We’re all in need of real connection. And we need music that speaks to us as individuals, as people who are fallible, and need help. Sometimes life can be a very tough place to be. Music can really help people open up.”

The new release provides another dreamy landscape, breezing through with this lightness to the atmosphere and to the lyrics. This track delivers on soul, passion and movement. A vibrant and as reflected in the name, loving release. The atmosphere engulfs you with is fun and vivid influence, and the delicate textures and immersive hooks grow as the journey progresses.

The album, LIGHT+, sees the band’s return to the sound that their global fanbase knows and loves – packed full of songs that look set to become firm festival classics in the years to come. melding traditional Basque instruments along with searing electronics and soaring hooks, LIGHT+ is a celebration of life and the light in each one of us that shines bright in the darkness. 

Additionally, the video for “Manifest”, the previous track taken from the album, has also recently been shared by the band and can be seen below.

Currently made up of Sebastian Pringle (lead vocals, guitar), Gilbert Vierich (electronics, guitars, percussion) and Graham Dickson (guitar, txalaparta), the band released their debut album, Star Of Love in 2010. Releasing further albums Cave Rave (2013)Everything Is My Family (2016) & Gaia & Friends (2019), the band’s musical fusion and unique style has drawn support from the likes of BBC Radio 1 and 6Music while their contagiously joyous live shows have seen them play festivals, arenas and the odd cave across the globe. 

Cast to various corners of the globe with the onset of the pandemic – singer Seb to the Caribbean coast of Colombia, co-writer Gilbert Vierich remained in the UK, while band mate Graham Dickson saw through these world-changing events from his new home in the United States – the band nonetheless managed to remain connected by phone calls, Zoom meetings, and WhatsApp groups. The world may have slowed down, but – if anything – their creativity increased. “We were writing purely for us,” the singer points out.

When they finally were able to return to their base in the UK in the summer of 2021, Crystal Fighters were primed and ready to go. It was as if a fire had been lit inside them, resulting in song after song. Around 60 tracks were demoed – more than some bands write in their entire career – before the group entered the studio. The idea was simple: to give fans a fresh definition of Crystal Fighters by returning to their core values. As a result, LIGHT+ is packed with ideas – from rave workouts to tropical pop, from hints of cumbia to delicious pop melodies. “We wanted to get to the roots of who we are, and how we felt when we were first coming up,” the singer points out. “When we only wanted to make music for ourselves, and to make people dance at our shows.”

Old friends Charlie Hugall and Luke Smith returned to produce the new record, with additional help in the electronic arena from Ghost Culture – whose collaborative record with Falle Nioke became a mutual soundtrack for the group’s lockdown activities. A band unleashed, LIGHT+ feels unforced, natural, and completely true to their back catalog.

Right now, Crystal Fighters are living their lives in a ‘tranquilo’ fashion (a carefree expression common across the Spanish-speaking world – put simply, it means ‘all good’). Each moment counts, and they take life for what it is. “It taught us the value of collaboration,” he says. “The time we spent apart mellowed us all out, in a certain way. We’re happier than ever, and we want to use our platform to deliver our message to the greatest number of people that we can. As the album says, more light. More positivity, more clarity. We all need more hope in our lives.”

Crystal Fighters are like a burst of light in the darkness – soon the sun will be coming up, and the party can begin.

1.  We Got Hope

2.  Carolina

3.  Manifest

4.  Multiverse

5.  Love x3

6.  End The Suffering

7.  Tranquilo

8.  Hold Me

9.  Search

10. Let Me Go

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