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Sourdough Release Rise Bailey Rise Remix of “Holocene Ending” – Out Via VBAH Records

August 9, 2023

Sourdough Release Rise Bailey Rise Remix of “Holocene Ending”

Out via VBAH Records

In the Summer of last year and a predecessor of their then-forthcoming EP, Sourdough released their incredible single “Holocene Ending”. The release gripped all that embraced it, as “Holocene Ending” conveyed this abrasive, cutting composition that leaves a destructive imprint.

Now, the release has been remixed by Rise Bailey Rise and the RBR Remix has given this track an entirely new, innovative formation. Described as a remix that offers a soundscape of the aftermath of the rebellious destruction, we are blown away by the influential attributes of this new remix.

“The imagery in the lyrics brought to mind a post-apocalyptic landscape, which is something I’ve always been fascinated by”, says Rise Bailey Rise. “I had a vision of a survivor holed up in a war-torn cabin in the grey, bleak wilderness reflecting on their experience. They have an old, battered CB radio which they’re picking up signals on. It’s not clear if this is just old public safety broadcasts or other survivors”.

The remix carries that essence, it’s this ominous and addictive composition that can easily be placed to a soundtrack of this dramatic nature. The brutality from the original shines through from the lyrics bouncing from the atmosphere but the harshness of the tonality has been removed and instead, RBR plays on this hypnotic loop and more refined textures, equally alluring but adding to the vivid ambience. This level of suspense resonates throughout the timeframe and the careful build-up of emotions cascading from the beats and the swirling landscape. This remix is such a complex rework, the blazing energy still there but reimagined into this darker, brooding ensemble. Truly immersive, a vision that exudes emotion and this dramatic touch of anxiety laced together throughout the course of the release. The clarity of the cinematic theme commands your full attention.

Jacob Kyte (Sourdough singer & guitarist) says, “The song is all about change — the end of something, and the start of something new. So it’s fitting that Rise Bailey Rise has dismantled and reconstructed ‘Holocene Ending’, giving it an all new expansive sound and atmosphere




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