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screensaver Announce New Album “Decent Shapes” Due 20th October on Upset the Rhythm & Share New Single “The Guilt”

August 10, 2023
Photo credit: Kalindy Williams 


Announce new album Decent Shapes
Due 20th October on Upset the Rhythm

Following on from their 2021 debut Expressions of Interest, Melbourne/Naarm synth-punk five-piece screensaver return with their sophomore album Decent Shapes. Alongside details of the new record, they also share first single ‘The Guilt’ and accompanying visualiser by Scott Marrinan with assistance from Wild Rose Pictures.

The album’s lead single, ‘The Guilt’ is a spirited call to arms that acknowledges the universal feeling of guilt that all humans succumb to, packaged up as a post-punk dance song. The track explores the experience of trying to be everything for everyone at all times and the crushing guilt of trying to be a perfect human and failing.

Of ‘The Guilt’, vocalist and synth-player Krystal Maynard says, “Existence can be exhausting: relationships to maintain, jobs to get done, people to impress, all the while the world is falling apart around us. In the clip we’re capturing the performative nature of life, the acting and the reacting.Perfection is impossible, imperfection is human. You try your best to be everything to everyone at all times, but failure is inevitable and then the guilt arrives.

The bass brings the intro and immediately by the tone you are hooked, the track builds with this obscure experiential synth path and the landscape grows. The vocal notes pierce through the cosmic creation and add this variation to the melodic movement, the notes command your full attention. As the track builds and shifts through this vivid array of textures and hooks, the energy of screensaver intensifies, this is such a juggernaut of a creation.

On Decent Shapes – the second album from screensaver – there is bubbling tension, a low grade but growing fever, a rising rage. The frustration is so tangible you can taste it. Detachment and dissociation become survivalist coping mechanisms.

Thematically, screensaver’s latest offering finds them exploring existence on an ever-growing trash heap where we’re desperate for the new, the nice and the shiny. A world where materialism reigns supreme and corporate niceties litter the public dialogue but behind closed doors the sentiment is warlike, total domination is the only answer to the bottom line. All of which is underpinned by the band’s sonic sense of urgency and a commitment to creating a sound that taps into the mood and spirit of post-punk whilst also allowing space for new wave elements and electronic experiments to shine through.

Decent Shapes was recorded and mixed by Julian Cue, who was also the recording engineer for Expressions of Interest. Defined by a kinetic energy, dynamic range and brooding atmosphere, the 10-track release comprises some tracks that were mainstays within the band’s live shows – featuring in their US tour set-list – alongside others which were written later in the recording process. During the creation of Decent Shapes, the band also experimented with swapping instruments, allowing for different playing styles and songwriting approaches.

screensaver was formed in 2016 as a trans-Pacific project between Krystal Maynard (Bad Vision/ex Polo) and Christopher Stephenson (Spray Paint/Exek). Their debut album Expressions of Interest received support from the likes of Brooklyn Vegan, Beats Per Minute, DIY and Post-Trash and last September the band played a 12-date tour across the US.


01. Red Lines
02. The Guilt
03. Party Interest
04. Future Trash
05. Drainer
06. Severance Pay
07. Direct Debit
08. Cancellation Notice
09. No Vacation 
10. Signals

Pre-order here:

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