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Lathe of Heaven Share New Single “At Moment’s Edge” – Debut Album “Bound By Naked Skies” out September 1st via Sacred Bones

August 10, 2023
Photo credit: George C. Gildersleeve


Share new single & video “At Moment’s Edge”
Debut album ‘Bound By Naked Skies’ out Sept 1st via Sacred Bones
US tour dates announced

 NYC based band Lathe of Heaven share their new single “At Moment’s Edge, which is taken from their upcoming debut album ‘Bound By Naked Skies’ out Sept 1st via Sacred Bones. 

When writing “At Moment’s Edge”, Lathe of Heaven initially intended the song to be a one-off, poppy departure from the otherwise depressive and urgent atmosphere of their debut record ‘Bound by Naked Skies’. Once recording the track however, the band found it to contextualise perfectly, the dualistic nature of the record and the band as a whole, proving itself to be a prime candidate for the album’s second single. Laden with dreamy synths and enchanting vocal melodies, “At Moment’s Edge” invokes within the listener a current of visceral elusion, ebbing towards a total re-imagination of any prior notions they may have had about the band.

“Existing in the lyrics are themes of process, change and complexity on a very personal level,” remarks the band’s vocalist Gage Allison, “which we believe is indicative of the recurring themes represented in the album.”

The video accompanying the track was directed by Emma Penrose and Zach Shorrosh, who aptly cultivate the surreal and absurd atmosphere the song was meant to invoke. When asked to comment on the video Penrose stated “Gage reached out to us asking if we wanted to make a music video for Lathe of Heaven and showed us maybe the most thought-out mood board I’ve ever seen, referencing Man Ray, Caravaggio, Marcel Duchamp as well as classic and contemporary science fiction. Inspired by the monochromatic imagery, we shot At Moment’s Edge entirely on 16mm black & white film & print stock and developed it by hand ourselves. We processed the 900’ of film at Mono No Aware using an eco friendly developer consisting of coffee, beer & vitamin C powder. The results turned out exactly as we’d hoped.”

The second track dropped from the forthcoming album and Lathe of Heaven is proving that their vision is enthralling. The outfit waste no time to jumping into this already ambitious landscape, filled with this sweeping rhythmic movement and sparkling post-punk-inspired brooding tonality. The landscape exudes this mammoth scale, deeply contagious hooks and flowing through the world is the darker moody vocal notes that consume the audience. The harmonic delivery of the lyrics glide with the complex structure with such ease. To be able to add this emotive influx into a stirring soundscape whilst the hypnotic intensity progresses is one impressive trait. Once again the track captures the blazing energy of Lathe Of Heaven throughout, every element, every texture captures the powerful unity and hits the listener with sincere force.

With little more under their belt than a relentless string of live performances, and a twice pressed (subsequently sold out) Self-Titled Demo, NYC based band Lathe of Heaven have proved themselves to be a potent and cohesive element amidst the torrent of hardcore punk and synth-driven pop revival currently proliferating throughout the U.S. underground. Formed in 2021, the band features members of noteworthy Brooklyn based projects such as People’s Temple, Porvenir Oscuro, Pawns, Android, Hustler and more. 

Though this roster of past and alternate musical endeavors exposes a diverse range of genre and skill sets, Lathe of Heaven can only be understood as a departure from such influences, exploring a sound entirely of its own. 

Now nearly two years later, LoH are finally prepared to unleash their debut Full Length Bound by Naked Skies. With careful consideration, this eleven track LP blends elements of British New-Wave and Finnish Post-Punk into a nuanced juxtaposition of 80s sonic mania. Incorporating themes of classic and contemporary Science-Fiction, Bound by Naked Skies indebts itself as much to its literary influences as it does to the music that informs its unique and deliberate sound. Paying powerful homage to the uncanny worlds of authors Arthur C. Clarke, Octavia Butler, Ken Liu and of course Ursula Le Guin (whose novel the band is named after), themes of cosmology (Ekpyrosis), simulation (Heralds of the Circuit-Born), mental illness (Moon-Driven Sea), and ontology (Entropy, The Spider.), weave implicitly throughout the arch of the record, providing a sense of insight into the minds of those plagued by the ambiguous nature of humankind’s terrifying and not-so-distant future. 

Lathe of Heaven tour dates:
18th Aug – Union Pool (w/ Temple of Angels), Brooklyn, NY
7th Sept – TV Eye (w/ Witness and Eyedrops), Brooklyn, NY
13th Sept – The Dirty Bird (w/ The Poisoning and The Exile), Santa Ana, CA 
14th Sept – Knucklehead ( w/ The Exile and Shrouds), Los Angeles, CA
15th Sept – Zebulon (w/ Diode), Los Angeles, CA
16th Sept – Stork Club (w/ Vulture Feather and Vague Lanes), Oakland, CA
17th Sept – Enzyme, San Francisco, CA
18th Sept – Naked Lounge (w/ Vulture Feather and Exposure Therapy), Chico, CA
19th Sept – Coffin Club, Portland, OR
21st Sept – 23rd Sept – Varning Festival, Montreal, MTL

Bound By Naked Skies track list:
1. At Moment’s Edge
2. Ekpyrosis
3. Genome
4. Ilusión de Luces (Cold’s Embrace)
5. Inertia
6. Moon-Driven Sea
7. The Breaking Strain
8. The Spider
9. Entropy
10. The Faithful Image
11. Heralds of the Circuit-Born


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