Young Knives Announce Deluxe Vinyl Reissue of “Voices of Animals and Men” and “Superabundance” due out 1st September via Transgressive 

July 3, 2023
photo credit: Ian Wallman

Young Knives Announce Deluxe Vinyl Reissue of “Voices of Animals and Men” and “Superabundance” due out 1st September via Transgressive 

Young Knives announce news of the deluxe vinyl reissue of their highly-acclaimed and much-loved first two albums, Voices Of Animals and Men and Superabundance, due out 1st September via Transgressive. Both albums have been remastered and come with an entire bonus album created from the band’s prolific B-sides. Young Knives’ debut album will be released under the title Voices Of Animals and Men and Shouts and Screams and Groans on white coloured vinyl while their second LP will be making its first-ever appearance on vinyl, released as Super Superabundance on crimson vinyl. Both releases come with extensive liner notes written by the band. To coincide with the announcement the band have shared the original video for “The Decision”.

Likely this is one of the first tracks Young Knives fans encountered way back when. By sharing this release, all of the emotions from years ago, the nostalgia and the emotive currents all of which come flooding back, the connection to this outfit surfaces once more and the joy returns.

Formed in 2002, Young Knives quickly rose to prominence with their distinctive blend of art-rock and punk with razor-sharp lyrics. Led by brothers Henry Dartnall (vocals/guitar) and Thomas Dartnall aka The House Of Lords (vocals/bass), the band captured the attention of music enthusiasts and critics alike with their unconventional sound and idiosyncratic approach to songwriting.

Young Knives released their classic, Mercury Music Prize-nominated debut Voices of Animals and Men in 2006. Produced by Andy Gill of Gang of Four the album’s standout tracks, such as “She’s Attracted To”, “The Decision” and “Weekends and Bleak Days (Hot Summer)”, all of which charted in the UK Top 40, demonstrated their ability to seamlessly blend angular guitar riffs, catchy hooks, and witty lyrics that critiqued modern society with a sardonic wit.

Building on the success of their debut, Young Knives released their second album Superabundance in 2008. The album expanded upon their signature sound while exploring new sonic territories. Songs like “Terra Firma”, “Up All Night” and “Turn Tail” highlighted the band’s evolution, incorporating elements of post-punk and new wave into their music. Superabundance further solidified Young Knives’ reputation as innovators in the indie-rock scene, earning critical acclaim and a loyal fan base.

Commenting on the reissues and live dates Henry Dartnall says: “I don’t remember being in this band but I do like some of the tunes on these records. Some of the B-sides are really great. One positive aspect of not remembering anything is that we can now listen as music lovers rather than with the hyper-critical ear of tormented artists. Doing a re-release of the early stuff is all the rage but getting all misty eyed about the past is a drag. But the Universe thought it was important enough to allow these tunes to reach the wider public at the time and in amongst all the showing off and self-congratulatory larking about I think there is something beautiful to connect with on these records. We hope that whoever’s ears pass across them also finds some light and joy in them to celebrate now, and not just an echo of the past. It also seems like a great excuse for the current band who seemingly share the same name as this band, to perform in public. So we will do that with a respectful nod to the past and a louder celebratory howl to the present moment.”

Additionally, to coincide with the release of the albums Young Knives will be playing three intimate live shows, at the George Tavern in London and the Jericho Tavern in Oxford – dates and info below:

Friday 1st September – London – The George Tavern

Saturday 2nd September – London – The George Tavern

Thursday 7th September – Oxford – Jericho Tavern

Pre-order the album and ticket bundles HERE

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