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The Planes Share New Single “Thrift Store” & Announce New Album “Dark Matter Recycling Co.” due September 15th 2023 via Safe Suburban Home (UK) & Totally Real Records (US) | Single Feature

July 28, 2023

The Planes Share New Single “Thrift Store”

& Announce New Album “Dark Matter Recycling Co.”

Out September 15th 2023 via Safe Suburban Home (UK) & Totally Real Records (US)

In September, NYCs The Planes‘ are set to release their new 10-track album “Dark Matter Recycling Co.”, dropping on the 15th and available digitally and on a must-own marbled vinyl, the record will be released via our good friends Safe Suburban Home Records in the UK, and Totally Real Records in the US.

Remarkably, the record will be the 6th full-length album release from this outfit and now they share the lead single “Thrift Store” as the first taste of this exciting record.

The Planes’ were founded in Brooklyn in 2010 by singer/guitarist Stephen Otto Perry and their reputation is something else. Now the current line-up consists of Perry, drummer Don Lavis and bassist Jackie Perrone.

Listen to “Thrift Store” below-

The new track already pelts into its immense journey from the first note, this vast atmosphere engulfs the listener and keeps them fixated on the shifting landscape. This gritty melody moves the direction of this composition, the guitar glides through the world with this infectious touch building this energetic path, meandering through phaser-touched notes and more abrasive commitments. The lo-fi but alluring vocal harmonies create this fierce bond with the striking melody already present in this track. Joined with the moving low-end and the hard-hitting beats fulfilling the intensive drive and breaking into a flurry of fills. The Planes‘ have laced their vision with this nostalgic activation and this glowing power. A composition that boasts hooks and an addictive melody.

The new track is a cut above. It clearly demonstrates The Planes’ sparkling energy and their expressive vision coming to life. If this is how enthralling one track is, imagine the record in its entirety. The confidence of this band is captured in the creativity of their talent, their songwriting and recording qualities. The attitude will keep you mesmerized and this level of fun provokes movement.

Album Cover by Jackie Perrone and Stephen Perry

Dark Matter Recycling Co. Track Listing

Count the Miles



Thrift Store

Feels Like Years


Between the Frames

First Breath After Mask

I’m Ok

On the Shelf






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