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Symbol Soup Releases Debut Album “Slow Puncture” Out Now via Sad Club Records | Album Feature

July 21, 2023

Symbol Soup Releases Debut Album “Slow Puncture”

Out Now via Sad Club Records

London based singer/songwriter Symbol Soup (AKA Michael Rea) releases his highly anticipated debut album, ‘Slow Puncture’ via tastemakers Sad Club Records.

As well as the release of the album there is a visualizer for the evocative new focus track ‘Dark Horse’. Inspired by the likes of Elliott Smith and Sparklehorse, chiming acoustic guitars and Hammond organ paint an ironically languid picture of feeling the social pressure for validation that we all have.

“As a basically quiet person, I’ve been called a ‘dark horse’ many times and it’s a really confusing compliment” Mike explains. “It’s typically well intentioned, but for me creates this feeling of otherness and of being misunderstood.

It also has a lot to do with being a ‘musician.’ When I wrote it I was working in a small music venue and playing in 5ish bands, so I was overexposed to the live circuit! The underground music community is a funny phenomenon – a lot of talented people working part-time low-wage jobs, and the prevailing narrative is that someone in the industry will eventually take a gamble on them and they’ll win big! If that hasn’t happened yet, you’re relying on a lot of people around you to suspend disbelief. I thought the horse races were a good metaphor for this situation.”


The new album engages this wild adventure for Symbol Soup and for the listener to embark on. A dynamic collection of emotive-driven explorations, filled with immersive textures, compelling lyrics and this wide range of addictive elements and sincere tonalities. Symbol Soup has developed this captivating vision that brings life to each release, the album delivers this immense collection of powerful arrangements that provoke this stirring direction and a connection to this expressive landscape. A record filled with hooks and intensive peaks, raw themes serve the lyrics that allow this personal yet relatable subject.

The melody moves the entire record, pulling in this magnetic force that engages the audience to fixate on the movement, Symbol Soupexudes this fearless character with the vocal harmonies that shift throughout. Symbol Soup threads this Americana identity floating through the complexity of the tonality from start to finish. Alongside that thread, an unpredictable course awaits as the record shifts through explosive elements and embraces such volatile energy.

Symbol Soup should be proud, an enigmatic composer delivering a well-thought, refreshing and impressive collection of timeless tracks. To deliver this consuming album that exudes a multitude of affection is such a striking talent for an artist, the weight of this record ultimately connects to the listener and alters their own world.



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