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SPELLLING Announces New Release “SPELLLING and the Mystery School” Out August 25th on Sacred Bones & Shares Double Lead Single “Cherry” / “Under The Sun”

July 15, 2023


Announces new release ‘SPELLLING and the Mystery School’
A collection of richly envisioned new versions of songs 
Out August 25th on Sacred Bones

Experimental pop mastermind SPELLLING (the performing name of Chrystia Cabral) announces ‘SPELLLING & the Mystery School’, her new collection out on August 25th on Sacred Bones. Along with the announcement, she shares double lead single, “Cherry” b/w “Under The Sun.” 
SPELLLING & the Mystery School’ is a collection of richly envisioned new versions of songs from throughout Cabral’s critically-acclaimed discography. Recorded with her touring band (est. 2021), these reimagined studio tracks follow Cabral’s spellbinding career — from her 2017 breakthrough debut ‘Pantheon Of Me’, to 2018’s multidimensional synth-based project ‘Mazy Fly’, and her expansive third album, 2021’s ‘The Turning Wheel’ — breathing new life into the extravagant orchestrations she’s written and produced entirely herself.
“With this album, I wanted to capture the ways that these songs have morphed,” Cabral says of SPELLLING & the Mystery School’“They’re like my children all grown up in a different stage of their lives, and I want to celebrate that. I’m proud to say it’s my favorite thing I have created so far, and working on it has really opened up new exciting visions for the future of the SPELLLING sound.” 
Double lead single “Cherry” b/w “Under the Sun is a thrilling introduction to the full, orchestral sound of SPELLLING & the Mystery School’ where ‘Pantheon of Me’ track “Choke Cherry Horse” and more recent track “Under The Sun” from ‘Mazy Fly’ are presented in their latest incarnations. The tracks are shared alongside a video of behind the scenes performance footage for “Under the Sun.”

As the arrangement embarks on this creative journey, the lone tone initiates a sense of volatility and signals the start of that fragile meets fierce soundscape, enhanced with the mystical touch of SPELLLING‘s unique vocal harmonies, layered to showcase this strength in the harmonies, to surround the landscape. As the audience embraces the expressive harmonies that convey complexity from the vocal notes alone, the track shifts to allow this very deep, very low, completely enthralling synth to surge. SPELLLING dynamically shifts this impressive range of tones and the overall direction to showcase this wealth of expressive vocal harmonies and theatrical pop rock-inspired rhythms. The version is completely addictive.

The title,  SPELLLING & the Mystery School’, was born out of a suggestion from her father, who told Cabral of his fascination with early Christian mythics, or spiritual practitioners who led schools to impart their ideas about God and the nature of life. It also ties into Cabral’s former profession as an elementary school art teacher, who found joy in helping unlock the imagination of her students. “When I was with the kids, we were making art, sharing information, and creating these hypothetical worlds,” she explains, revealing her own ethos in creating music and performing as SPELLLING. “We’re just jumping into these realms where there are no real rules.”

Throughout ‘SPELLLING & the Mystery School’, Cabral’s hypnotising voice is enveloped in a newly fleshed-out sonic universe of dreamy strings (Del Sol Quartet and Divya Farias), haunting piano (Jaren Feeley), driving trip-hop percussion (Patrick Shelley) bass (Giulio XavierCetto), shredding electric guitar (Wyatt Overson), and drama-intensifying background vocals (Toya Willock and Dharma Moon-Hunter). These brilliant studio recordings are equal parts punky and fastidious, as Cabral wanted to emphasize rich and earthy natural sounds emitting from each player and their instrument. The textural quality of these tracks, mixed with the futuristic underpinnings of her lyrics and the darkly whimsical nature of her songs, create a completely new immersive listening experience. 

‘SPELLLING & the Mystery School’ also demonstrates the chemistry between Cabral and her band that they’ve been building since playing shows behind The Turning Wheel. It’s an accumulation of all the times the group has performed the songs live, paying close attention to the crowd’s reactions. “We’ve picked up little nuances from feeding back and riffing off the audience,” Cabral explains. “Understanding what excites them and/or what makes people wanna dance more — we just become aware of those little things and make slight adjustments.” 

Overall, ‘SPELLLING & the Mystery School’ encapsulates the transportive SPELLLING live experience through which Cabral, with her idiosyncratic stage presence, conjures up a spiritual sense of communion and vulnerability among her audience. “I want people to feel like there’s alchemy happening and to be aware of the magical parts of sound,” she explains. “Like, this really did come out of thin air.” 

In conjunction with the album’s release, SPELLLING will also present her otherworldly live set at Through the Looking Glass Festival in the US. The special event curated by SPELLLING, Atlas Obscura, and Sacred Bones happens September 16th at Children’s Fairyland, a historical children’s amusement park in Oakland that Cabral’s own mother used to frequent as a child. There, she will unravel her mythical songs that interrogate ideas of self-concept and political history, aided by the backdrop that will no doubt bring out her music’s other dimensions of playfulness, innocence, curiosity, and joy. Tickets are on-sale now. 

SPELLLING & the Mystery School’ will be released on August 25th via Sacred Bones. Pre-order here. Vinyl copies of the album will come with a download card featuring an extra exclusive bonus track.

SPELLLING & the Mystery School’ track list:
1. Walk Up To Your House 
2. Under the Sun 
3. They start the Dance 
4. Cherry 
5. Haunted Water 
6. Hard to Please (Reprise)
7. Phantom Farewell 
8. Boys at School
9. Always 
10. Revolution 
11. Sweet Talk

Sat. Sep. 16 – Oakland, CA @ Children’s Fairyland (Through The Looking Glass Festival)
Sat. Oct. 7 Los Angeles, CA @ South Pasadena Masonic Temple
Sun. Oct 15 – Philadelphia, PA @ Underground Arts
Tues. Oct 17 – Brooklyn, NY @ Elsewhere Hall
Wed. Oct 18 – Baltimore, MD @ OttoBar

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