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Skating Polly Release New Album “Chaos County Line” Out Now via El Camino Media – Album Review | Gavin Brown

July 9, 2023

Skating Polly Release New Album “Chaos County Line”

Out Now via El Camino Media

Skating Polly follow up their last record in 2018s The Make It All Show, with their latest album Chaos County Line and while the entire world has changed in so many ways in that long five years since their last album was released, one thing remains exactly the same and that is that the music of Skating Polly remains as vital and vivacious as ever.

Chaos County Line simply explodes from the very first bite of the album’s opening track Baby On My Birthday and from then on in, it’s eighteen songs that are packed full of life and a whole host of relatable topics are explored in the songs here.

The catchiness and life-affirming energy that Skating Polly has always had is here in spades and the band seem determined to capture so many moments in time and they certainly succeed in doing that. 

Songs like Masquerade, All The Choices and Rabbit Food are all high-octane blasts of Riot Grrrl loving poppiness with a defiant edge, while songs like Booster Seat and Hush Now take on a more lo-fi indie vibe but what makes all the songs on this album so special is the way that Skating Polly delivers them, and that is done in the most life-affirming way possible. 

Chaos County Line is such an eclectic album but the whole record sounds completely cohesive and it is down to the passionate feelings that Skating Polly creates with their music and that courses through all of the songs on this album. There are truly gorgeous songs like the harmonious Someone Like A Friend and Not Going Back Again, there are punky and anthemic songs like Double Decker and Send A Priest and there are songs like Man Out There which features the legendary David Yow from The Jesus Lizard and adds a frenetic noise rock freak out to the world of Skating Polly.

All of these songs and the whole of the album sound so honest and the band sound as if they are having the time of their lives as the fun but laidback closing track Party House rings out, it feels like you have been hanging out with Skating Polly and have had so much fun but gained whole host of experience as well, and it has to be said that their music has that effect on you.

Chaos County Line is such a great album and it is great to have Skating Polly back, especially when they are on as fine form as here. 


Words: Gavin Brown

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