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Los Blancos Release New Single “Christina” – Out Now via Libertino Records | Single Special

July 6, 2023

Los Blancos Release New Single “Christina”

Out Now via Libertino

Los Blancos return with their fierce new single “Christina”, the first taste of their highly anticipated second album. The new track features guitarist Osian Owen taking the lead vocals and exploring this tale of medieval rebellion. The track encapsulates this bravely and female empowerment back to a time when women had no voice in a stifling patriarchal society.

It’s a truly fast-paced and crucial release which captures the outfits’ punk roots and explosive nature.

Osian explains: “The song is about Christina de Markyate, an English woman from the 12th century who refused to be forced into marriage by her family. She escaped dressed as a man and became a prioress in a convent, after locking her first ‘suitor’ in her own room and hiding from the other behind a tapestry. I wrote it during lockdown after listening to a lot of Black Flag and Trash Talk, which shows in the fast/raw guitars. The lyrics came from reading one of Terry Jones’ history books where he talked about Christina, and I admired how strong and determined she was.

Los Blancos return with this blazing creation. At just over 2 minutes long the outfit waste no time to propel themselves and their audience into the midst of this raucous ensemble. Gritty guitar tones emerge and lead the scratchy structure for the drums to proudly bounce into the journey, shuffling with distinction and directing the charged-up ensemble.

The vocal notes of Osian are perfectly positioned and balanced to hit you in the centre whilst the fuzzy instrumentation engulfs you. Osian holds the attention of the audience, fixated on the fervour of the harmonies and the expressive delivery of the lyrics, before this sweeping aggression rials the explosive finale with the gang vocals/chants from the band, collectively.

Los Blancos focus their vivid energy on adapting such shifting passages and fuelling the intensity, holding power at their fingertips. The musicians glide through their impressive power at ease, united and aggressive, focusing on the rhythms colliding with the immense cymbal hits.

Christina” by Los Blancos is out now on Libertino.



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