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Locate S,1 Shares Video For New Single “Go Back to Disnee” – “Wicked Jaw” out 28th July on Captured Tracks

July 7, 2023
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Locate S,1 shares video for bossa nova-inspired single “Go Back to Disnee”

From “Wicked Jaw” out 28th July on Captured Tracks

Locate S,1 (aka Christina Schneider) shares the devastating Bossa Nova-inspired single “Go Back to Disnee” from the forthcoming full-length Wicked Jaw, due out July 28, 2023 on Captured Tracks. The song’s release is accompanied by a video directed by frequent collaborator Tristan Scott-Behrends.

What does it mean to be an American in the 21st century? What does it mean to be a woman? What does it mean to be a survivor? Schneider digs tunnels into collective memory on “Go Back to Disnee,” a song that could soundtrack an episode of The White Lotus. “Under the blankets, into the plastic dreams / Into the comfort of parental regimes,” Schneider purrs with a delivery so gentle that you might not detect the venom seeping through. On this tune Schneider’s exceptional songcraft is most evident through her ability to excavate the toxins lingering beneath the surface in a way where they begin to shine and radiate a strange beauty.

According to Christina Schneider: “On the 4th of July, 2020, George Floyd protests and COVID were in full swing and the celebrations I heard on my block were nauseating me. I had just read a line from Cassavetes: ‘Maybe there really wasn’t an America. Maybe it was only Frank Capra.’ I sat down next to my open studio window so I could hear the explosions while I wrote this song.”

This conflict arises in contrast to this creation. Whilst the melodies sweep you away, move you, provide something upbeat almost, summery and uplifting. The lyrics deliver a cutting tale, the polar opposite of the dreamy ensemble. Christina captures an immense range of hooks, melodies and emotive acclamation in yet another truly captivating composition.

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“Go Back to Disnee” follows June’s “Heart Attack” a therapeutic synth-pop track with a prominent bass groove that addresses PTSD and finding one’s way forward, released with a video that Schnieder directed and edited, and the deceptively breezy power-poppy album opener “You Were Right About One Thing” released in May with the album’s announcement, accompanied by a vibrant video also directed by Tristan Scott-Behrends that takes cues from the noir of the album’s namesake, filtered through day-glo camp sensibilities à la John Waters and Pedro Almodóvar.
From teddy grahams to pussy hats, California forest fires to cash cabs, the stuff of American nostalgia and horror adorns a personal reckoning on Christina Schneider’s triumphant third album as Locate S,1. With a name culled from a Dashiell Hammett noir novel, Wicked Jaw pulls from wildly disparate references and textures to survey the history of American pop music. Like Pat Benatar soundtracking an Adam Curtis documentary, the album trades in dramatic juxtapositions across its kaleidoscopic ten tracks.

Wicked Jaw Cover Artwork, painting by Lauren Birke 

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1. You Were Right About One Thing
 2. Go Back to Disnee
 3. Pieta
 4. Heart Attack
 5. The Hard Way
 6. Danielle
 7. Have You Got It Yet?
 8. Blue Meaniez
 9. Daffodil
10. Wicked Jaw

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