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Hector Gannet Release New EP “Emmanuel Head” – Out Now | Release Feature

July 25, 2023

Hector Gannet Release New EP “Emmanuel Head”

Out Now

Always blown away by the magnitude of the range that Hector Gannet delivers, we now experience the new three-track EP “Emmanuel Head”. The new collection of tracks is a follow-up to the outfit’s latest full-length.

Featuring the opening song of their recent full-length and title-track of EP, ‘Emmanuel Head’, as well as two live renditions of ‘Last Of The Buffalo’ and ‘Waiting For The Whistle’, this new outing looks to add to what has already been an incredibly accomplished year for the outfit. With ‘Waiting For The Whistle’ recorded during their support slot for Sam Fender’s recent St. James Park show, this new release marks a seminal moment in their career so far.

The live recordings capture the magic of that moment and reignite the listeners’ love to be present with Hector Gannet in the live setting they flourish within.

“Emmanuel Head” immediately sweeps the listener into the immersive journey that has been created. The arrangement explores a combination of delicate intricacies and more intensive peaks. The rolling shuffles and shimmering guitar rhymes unite to proudly build the captivating structure and keep the melody at the forefront of the release. Duff’s vocal range captures this affectionate appeal and resonates this emotive power into the exploration. The release shifts with the energy, dynamically moving between the gentle passages and then the more complex and deeper temperament. Throughout, the one thing that is present is this commanding character, it directs the composition and becomes the ultimate hook for the release.

Emmanuel Head” (taken from the current album) is a song inspired by escaping to a place of personal significance, in this case, for Hector Gannet, a white pyramid day marker on the Holy Island of Lindisfarne on the north east coast of England, but as Aaron Duff (aka Hector Gannet) explains “The song is as much about our connection with each other as it is about any personal fondness for a particular place. It’s about getting away from it all, to where we are without distraction and where, for a while, the land belongs to us.”

The next track that follows is “Last Of The Buffalo” which was recorded at The Hindmarsh Hall, Alnmouth in Dec ’22, when the band shared the stage with The Unthanks. The quality of this live exploration captures the importance of this band, performing together whilst the power bounces from the live setting and forces Duff’s voice to explode, to connect to all, to hit the audience with the unfazed character and the emotive resilience cascading from the lyrics.

Finally the triumphant live recording of the monumental moment from the outfit as they shared the stage with Sam Fender. To hear the energy of the audience soar with the ferocious commitment from Hector Gannet. Their tone, and their vivid take on the release, all of which capture such fierce and angular aspects. Without a doubt, their fanbase respectfully grew that day.




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