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Brad Stank Shares New Single “Flicker On!” via Sunday Best

July 31, 2023
Photo credit: Corey Rid @ La De La Studios


Liverpudlian self-proclaimed ‘sexistentialist’ Brad Stank unveils his second single of 2023, ‘Flicker On!’. The tune follows prior track, the hazy ‘Long Distance’, which came paired with the announce of his signing to the Sunday Best label. 

“Writing Flicker On! was an attempt at using the candle as metaphor”, explains Brad. “It can represent something to reach for in the dark, or maybe you yourself are that light in the dark – it can represent an object of desire or the idea of enlightenment… as you can maybe see from the ‘Long Distance’ video too the idea of the candle is a theme which may carry through all the new music.”

Brad further details that the stylistic choice of the “90s slacker vibe” stems from inspirations such as Pavement and Happyness. “It started as a very bare idea that Andy really helped to bring alive in the recording process.”

Another track ready to mesmerize. Brad Stank releases another new track which perfectly captures the complexity within Stank’s baritone vocal notes and the sweeping melody that accompanies the lyrics. Brad has this commanding presence that emits from those brooding vocal notes immediately, drawing the audience to take in the words and embrace the sincerity of this swooning creation.

Having released his acclaimed debut album Eternal Slowdown in 2018, Brad Stank has proved himself to be a boundary-pushing artist, captivating with his genre-defying sound and distinctive style. Blending lounge lizard jazz, funk, psychedelic rock, and smoky blues, Brad Stank has become a sensual woozy-pop master for the ages.

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