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Blue Amber Release New Remix EP “Rocklands Workshopped” Featuring Minas, Ani Glass, Freyja Elsy, Rubie and Shreddies | Release Feature

July 10, 2023
Artwork by Ellie Stitfall

Blue Amber Release New Remix EP “Rocklands Workshopped” Featuring Minas, Ani Glass, Freyja Elsy, Rubie and Shreddies

In May of 2022, Cardiff-based Art-rock outfit Blue Amber released their adventurous first studio album “Rockland’s Workshop“. A remarkable record which captured Blue Amber delving into such progressive attributes and releasing a 10-track album that provides a stirring connection to their surroundings, emphasized by affection and fearlessly exploring such experimental attributes.

Now, the outfit has released a special remix EP which features remixes and reworks of some of the tracks from the debut album. The new 6-track EP is called “Rocklands Workshopped” and features some of the bands’ favourite artists including Minas, Ani Glass, Freyja Elsy, Rubie and Shreddies.

Rocklands Workshopped” features the consuming seascape soundbite that was reflected in the original album’s opener “Blue Hour/Ystwyth”. The vocal notes command your full attention. This bold opener paints a very reflective arrangement, a wordsmith captivating with the importance of the verse gripping your attention over the natural sample flowing in the background.

The contrast between the opener to Minas‘ touch on “Dig (The Jerk)” capture this polarizing variation. The original is a very atmospherical ensemble, with the impressive rework from Minas, the audience can embrace this most intensive ensemble. The stirring lyrics and delivery keep you fixated whilst the world simply grows around you. This shifting percussive shuffle and protruding electronic loops provide this new depth to the complexity of the structure. The voice notes are positioned with this explosive clarity through the surging soundscape.

West Coast Renaissance (Rubie Remix)” breaks up the journey, altering the ambience once more. It starts with this innocence from the mesmeric passages and instrumentation bouncing in this impressive loop before the track suddenly takes on this brooding shift. This almost Cult-esque chanting changes the atmosphere to this sudden serious injection, the landscape grows and changes direction, bringing more darker attributes.

Ani Glass remixes “Fencing” and the result is magical. This hypnotic composition showcases delicate notes perfectly layered to capture this fragile landscape. Mesmeric currents emerge and the layered harmonies embrace the landscape and add to the addictive nature of this remix. This remix embraces a more delicate tone whilst emphasising the harmonies. The final resonating guitar note and lasting lyric completely grip the listener.

Freyja Elsy agitates the previously released “The Great British Sitcom (for Jozef Raczka)”, providing this touch which contributes to the new remix emitting this story within the track. This was always a very stirring composition but with Elsy‘s touch, the arrangement reinforces the vital qualities and adds this striking formation and structure. Every element elevates the essential nature of the lyrics, a very powerful, very moving innovative rework.

Finally, the EP ends on the extremely explosive remix of “Old Breed, Pt. II (Shreddies DJ DIRT NASTY RomANCE Mix)”. That Shreddies touch can be found from the get-go. Transforming the creation to give this big trance taste of a euphoric ensemble. Shreddies known vision is unique and complex and that touch has been perfectly mastered into this new mix. Manipulating the percussion elements and focusing on the fierce pulsations of this release keeps the audience embedded in this ensemble. The looped and repeated chopped vocal notes pierce the landscape with this mesmeric influx of addictive chaos.




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