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Årabrot Announce New Album “Of Darkness & Light” due 13th October via Pelagic Records & Share New Single

July 24, 2023

Announce new album
 Of Darkness & Light

out 13th October on Pelagic Records

Release new single “You Cast Long Shadows” 

Fiord-forged and resolute, Norwegian gothic rock duo Årabrot announce the release of their tenth album, Of Darkness and Light, out 13th October on Pelagic Records.

Operating out of Djura Missionshus, their home studio in the deconsecrated church in rural Sweden where they live with their two children, Årabrot is the iconic duo of vocalist/guitarist Kjetil Nernes and his wife, vocalist/keyboardist Karin Park.

With their new single, “You Cast Long Shadows”, Kjetil and Karin have crafted a warped murder ballad that embodies rock’n’roll swagger with a disturbing darkness bubbling just beneath the surface.

Back with an absolute bang, but you’d expect nothing less from Årabrot. This mighty drum beat comes into play accompanied by this darker guitar tone resonating with this compelling loop. Hooked on the weight of this vivid release, the audience is ready to embrace the journey that soon alternates course, breaking up the intensity of the rhythms with the dynamic shift in fuzzy notes before the power bursts through to challenge the atmosphere.

Their previous album embellished this gothic appeal and whilst the gritty tendencies still peak in the new release, Årabrot take on this post-punk grunge rock riot. This track is gripping, the lyrics and vocal notes exude such charisma through this turbulent world.

Of the new single, Park states: “Kjetil was asked to write a song for Sebastian Bach’s new album. We weren’t too schooled up on Sebastian Bach to be honest, but Kjetil thought it would be interesting to write a grungy Crowleyan occult murder ballad. He spent a few days in the studio and wrote two demos which were both immediately rejected by Sebastian Bach’s management. One of the demos was ‘You Cast Long Shadows.’ It’s probably a better fit for Årabrot anyway!”

With its origins going back 20 years now, Årabrot’s list of achievements is long: collaborating with fellow innovators Stephen O’Malley and Lustmord; working with such producers as Steve Albini and Billy Anderson; winning a Norwegian Grammy.

Having survived throat cancer almost a decade ago, Kjetil speaks of the high that follows the realisation of a second chance at life. Through all this, Årabrot’s sound has been in a perpetual state of flux. With the early material traversing the roughest edges of The Birthday Party and Swans, and with inspiration taken from esoteric sources – “fin-de-siècle decadence, surrealism and even a pinch of old German philosophy to boot,” in Nernes’ words – each release has seen more and more risks taken.

The band’s friend and collaborator Lustmord has written: “Born of the long dark winters of Norway, Årabrot was too black for metal and too avant-garde for punk, so it forged its own path… It is The Velvet Underground if Johnny Cash was a member and Nico was able to sing. It is Camus, Sartre, Poe and Burroughs, cut-up and regurgitated in an unholy erotic mass.”

The last two decades have seen Årabrot shapeshift through multiple iterations; they’ve tried on different shapes and sizes, encompassed different moods and explored the outer reaches of various genres and yet never sounded less than entirely themselves.

In recent years, Årabrot’s winding path has led toward absolute rock and roll perfection. In 2021, NPR’s Lars Gotrich noted that the band was transforming “from AmRep bulldozer noise-rock into a cathedral-shaking rock-and-roll powerhouse” – and this transformation is fully realized now on the upcoming new album.

Of Darkness and Light bursts with infectious melodies and shines with the massive production of Alain Johannes, whose work on Mark Lanegan’s 2020 album, Straight Songs of Sorrow, won over Nernes, and who, as a musician, has performed with the likes of PJ Harvey and Them Crooked Vultures. With Johannes at the helm, Of Darkness and Light was recorded entirely at Djura Missionshus, a.k.a. The Church of Årabrot – the first album to be recorded entirely in the church.

Theatrical, bombastic, dancing on the line between the macabre and the comical, Of Darkness and Light is, among other things, a celebration of the hooks and swagger and almighty power of rock. The Birthday Party and Swans are still references, but so are Queens of the Stone Age and Ghost. Fittingly, the album’s title references Nietzsche’s Thus Spoke Zarathustra, a philosophical text centered on transcending our own limitations.

Last month, Årabrot released the first single, “We Want Blood” from the album. a heavy-stomping, arena-sized anthem that pulsates with the very passion that drives their creativity into ever more exciting directions. Watch the video for “We Want Blood HERE.

Årabrot comes gloriously into their own in a live setting – with Kjetil holding court with liturgical flamboyance, whilst Karin gives herself over to a hypnotic rhythm of their own making. The pair are most electrifying to witness when performing; their symbiotic devotion is palpable as they perform in the clothes they were married in. And the songs on Of Darkness and Light sound as though made just to be experienced in a live setting – no light show, no pyrotechnics are a match for their apocalyptic revelry. 

Rest assured, as long as there is breath in their bodies, this pair will be found preaching rock and roll under the neon-lit Årabrot cross

Upcoming shows – more EU and UK shows later this year. TBA shortly.
Aug 11 – Regensburg, DE @ Void Fest
Aug 16 – Gyöngyös, HU @ Fekete Zaj Festival
Nov 15 – Nilvange, FR @ Le Gueulard Plus

Of Darkness and Light Tracklisting:

Hangman’s House

You Cast Long Shadows

Horrors Of The Past


Cathedral Light

We Want Blood


Skeletons Trip The Light Fantastic

Swan Killer

Love Under Will

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