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Annie Taylor Releases New Album “Inner Smile” – Out Now via Taxi Gauche Records | Album Feature

July 10, 2023

Annie Taylor Releases New Album “Inner Smile”

Out Now via Taxi Gauche Records

For over 4 years, since the release of their flawless debut EP, we’ve watched the rightful rise of Switzerland based 4 piece Annie Taylor. Following the EP release and their debut album release back in 2020, the band are back with their fierce new sophomore album “Inner Smile“ which was released July 7th and is now out in the world for all to embrace. The 12-track album was recorded in Bristol with Producer Ali Chant (Yard Act, Katy J.Pearson, Aldous Harding, SORRY) and captures the immense power of this outfit. Gini Jungi, Tobias Arn, Michael Mutter and Daniel Bachmann have just shared this must-hear record.

“Birds” kicks off the album, a surge of feedback scolds the atmosphere and leaves this impressive mark. The robust rhythm emerges in this track that quickly oozes this classic rock appeal. Through the large structure and the infectious looped lyrics and the gripping harmonies on offer, the audience is hooked on the magnitude of this composition. Commencing their collection with this masterwork embracing a charging display of signature sounds. Whilst the first track signals this timeless signature sound, the intensity ramps up with “Love Is Blind”, the track escalates into this colossal ensemble emitting the intoxicating energy of this raucous outfit. Annie Taylor infuses this medley of adventurous influences and their own blissful charm and delivers this brash yet mesmeric performance. “Love Is Blind” is a ferocious quick paced blistering punk effort. At just over 2 minutes, this track immediately consumes you, with fast-paced drum shuffles, immense guitar tonality and crushing rhythms, infectious vocal notes, and this bold stance from start to finish. From the blazing chaos captured in track 2, “Smothering Me” showcases yet another change to the power of this outfit, and this is the theme that moves the journey of “Inner Smile”, continuously shifting from one extreme to another.

Throughout the album, Annie Taylor keeps their audience fixated on the band’s dynamics and vast vision. This record conveys such a range of emotions, attitudes and scope for the musicians to break out and add such range to their technical playing, the importance of their lyrics and their tonality choices. Annie Taylor uses this bed of influences as a springboard to explore such experimental attributes, propelling themselves into this complexity that channels their capacity.

“Inner Smile” in its entirety captures this impressive progression and growth of Annie Taylor a blazing triumph. The album is a journey of dangerously infectious compositions, moving with ease through gritty passages to euphoric crescendos, captivating lyrics to explosive lead guitar rhythms. This album packs more than a punch but it’s the expressive nature of the band that keeps you longing to hold onto each crucial atmosphere carefully created.

Annie Taylor as a collective is simply fearless, and that fearless drive is the proud volatility that soars throughout all 12 tracks, ready to enthral and enhance the assertion. Their unique characteristics and ability to unite this aggressive power and complex resonance bring this dazzling overhaul to their world. We’ve stated before and we stand by the fact that Annie Taylor are the mastermind at creating resilient, pure rock tracks. Each of their releases embraces this innovative push that hooks the listener. This album is a masterpiece, be impressed by this body of work.


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