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Seán Grant And The Wolfgang Release New EP “Kybalion Part I” – Out Now via Vandalism Begins at Home Records | Release Feature

June 20, 2023

Seán Grant And The Wolfgang Release New EP “Kybalion Part I”

Out Now via Vandalism Begins at Home Records

Prolific musician Seán Grant has marked June as another significant time for the artist by releasing the first of a double EP, the EP is titled “Kybalion Part I”. The new record was officially released on 9th June on Vandalism Begins at Home Records and marks the follow-up from the phenomenal single release “We Are All Of One” which exploded onto the scene in April.

The EP kicks off proceedings with that same track, the mighty opener to this gripping 4-track release. The epic introduction is enough to compel you, electrify you, and hold your attention to carry out the rest of the intoxicating journey. The ambience commences with this volatile feel, sweeping into the biting depth of the tones, the unmistakable expressive vocal harmonies from Seán, and the rolling rhythms. The track surges with this fierce energy and showcases this challenging aggression laced with meticulous attention to detail through the softer melodies. Seán brings more insatiable synth sounds to the front of this mammoth creation as this track intensifies throughout its journey, adding more darker textures, powerful sustained hits, boisterous attributes, and this belting commitment. All whilst the contrast of the harmonies propels tender traits into the soundscape.

As the looped, repeated end lyrics we are reflections fall onto the final few notes, the composition shifts the narrative and brings this reflective intimacy to the cathartic final. The journey circles around to a mirrored statement and the audience embraces the words and the affection that emits from the orchestration. The lyrics contain this wealth of emotion that carries into the composition and alters the atmospheric deliverance, whilst the volume of this vision expands and grips the listener, at the core of this composition, lies fragility, understanding, and connection. All of which are carried from the vocal notes and the insightful lyrical attributes.

Positioned as the EP opener, the collection kicks off with this colossal release and leads the way to the 3 tracks which follow. “As Above So Below” follows, immediately the tone pierces through the atmosphere, the gripping synth notes emerge and the outfit creates this refreshing re-start to the vision. Changing the essence from the opener, this track is the shortest on the EP but the length doesn’t stop the devouring nature of this addictive composition. It’s darker, it consistently twists and turns and offers this almost cryptic magnetism. In this arrangement, brutality is simmering, The Wolfgang is playing on colder/stark structures, adding in fierce low-end and contributing to the angular and ominous soundscape. The sustained synth notes add this fervour to the aggressive palette yet in complete contrast, Seán almost delivers this soothing vocal harmony. Shifting into these secretive, hushed lyrical patterns. Seán‘s vocal delivery calmly serenades the audience on this intimate level whilst the atmosphere intensifies with the instrumentation. By enforcing the mystique of this vision, the ambience exudes this chilling complexity which ultimately hooks the audience’s full attention. Completely fallen to the outfit for their vivid theme to challenge their listener, to impress with their unpredictable voyage.

“Cause & Effect” follows, the darker notes defy this creation. The vocal notes fit with this greater infliction within this atmosphere, we embrace that. This driving force creates this sticky web of endurance, this arrangement has pulled you in and the depth carries across to the audience for connection. With this release, a dystopian landscape consumes the audience. Whilst the vocal notes strive to offer this momentous melody that meanders through the gritty tonality and harsher notes, the melody bounces off that immersive driving beat that carries the adventure. The deeper distortion that embeds itself into the boundaries of this release assists with the emphasis of expressionism.

Finally “Principle Of Gender” is positioned as the turbulent yet triumphant EP closer, a battle of boisterous movements, this whopping composition gives off some serious early Desert Sessions / Kyuss heaviness. The synth notes commence the journey and bring this biting force to the forefront of the track, that sustained complexity becomes this crucial low-end for the pounding drum beat to play with, to bounce from. The crushing notes join and build the intensity, slashing through the soundscape with this severity and gripping agitation. The exploration alters through these barbarous stop-starts, big cymbal smashes and this addictive drum shuffle. As the sonic structure continues to showcase the most impressive hard-hitting beat and immersive rhythm that intensifies, the vocal melody plays havoc on the listeners’ senses and cultivates its own mood into their world.

Seán Grant‘s musical offerings showcase this musician’s fearless approach embracing the darkness within, facing those demons, encountering the challenges of life and incorporating all of that emotional wealth into these immersive and damning compositions.

This EP offers up this startling voyage of vivacity and volatility. The lyrics are so penned with meaning they reinforce this immortal spirit. Seán is a wordsmith with so much ground to cover, and effortlessly able to emit these words into this fuel that ignites the soundscape and mirrors the resilient affection, what a triumphant skill. This EP brings 4 very challenging, each very different atmospheres that represent destructive darkness with glimmers of light punching through to be found. Throughout this record, beauty lies within the brutality. Put Seán up there for these lyrics, one of the greatest of our generation.





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