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Pip Blom Shares New Single ft. Franz Ferdinand’s Alex Kapranos + Announces New Album Out October 20th via Heavenly Recordings

June 3, 2023
Photo credit: Sanja Marusic

Pip Blom Shares New Single/Video For

“Is This Love?” ft. Franz Ferdinand’s Alex Kapranos

Announces New Album, Bobbie

Out October 20 via Heavenly Recordings

Amsterdam’s Pip Blom have announced details of their third album, Bobbie, and shared the track “Is This Love?”, featuring Franz Ferdinand’s Alex Kapranos. Released on October 20 on Heavenly Recordings, the band previously shared “Tiger” from the forthcoming album. The band will be opening for Blur in Amsterdam later this year.

Talking about “Is This Love?” and the process of collaborating with Alex, the band said:

“The nice thing about working with Alex, besides the fact that the atmosphere was really good, was that we both had quite different perspectives. Whereas I am a bit more rock by nature, Alex is a lot funkier. And that turned out to be the perfect addition for this song, both in the verses and completely in the chorus. Never before has such a funky Pip Blom song appeared, and we all absolutely love it.”

Produced by Dave McCrackencrafted on computers and featuring synths, the album marks a departure in sound, but as ever with Pip Blom, their knack for colorful and vivacious pop shines through across the 12 tracks.

Pip Blom is expanding on their sound and their vision, and this expansion is triumphant for the outfit. Bringing this fearless commitment to their new track, “Is This Love?“.

The new single embraces this pop explosion, a bright, vivid landscape laced with a vast range of hooks which solidify this track as infectious and impressionable. Pip Blom has also been creative at crafting some of the most rhythmic loops and this ability is on display throughout the new track. Aligning their delve into experimental attributes to combine with their blistering pop-inspired ensemble.

We first introduced our readers to Pip Blom back in 2016, what a journey it’s been since then. The new single and the collaboration capture this immense energy from both artists, Alex’s renowned baritone melodies providing this contrast to Pips’ softer harmonies. The dual vocal notes provide this expansion on the ambience and elevate the importance of the lyrics.

Just as the last track they shared earlier in the year, Pip Blom delivers another euphoric ensemble.

For their third album, Bobbie, Pip Blom, the band’s namesake and main writer, decided to rip it up and start again. After making her name as one of the brightest indie rock singers around through two albums and a lauded live show honed over grueling years of touring, the new album sees her and the band take a delightful left turn into thumping, carefree synth pop.

While admitting to the cliché of a guitar-orientated band “grabbing the synths” for album three, this new direction had a real and genuine draw for Blom and foremost in her mind was cult 2010s English pop band Micachu and the Shapes. On her previous albums, Blom wrote songs on the guitar, hoping that the studio process would then allow her to live out her pop dreams through final flourishes added during the recording process. “But we were always then running out of time,” she remembers, “and they ended up as just guitar-y albums.” For Bobbie, work with synthesizers and computers began from the very beginning, and she recruited producer ​​Dave McCracken in a co-writer role to make sure the vision was fully realized.

To immerse herself in this new way of working, Blom worked on the album in separate, intensive bursts of creativity, based around a series of non-stop five-day studio jaunts in her native Netherlands. The songs were then sent to McCraken – whose credits include Jay-Z and Kanye West – to gain a little more “clarity” and be trimmed into the tight, punchy pop hits that make up the new album.

Also on hand to help her achieve her longtime vision were a pair of collaborators that contribute to two of the album’s highlights. Blom’s partner and vocalist of fellow Dutch indie band Personal Trainer, Willem Smit, joins her on the duet “Kiss Me By The Candlelight”, a song lifted from an unreleased project from the pair that recalls Metronomy in its minimal, funky disco pop. Elsewhere, McCracken helped her push through initial shyness to reach out to Alex Kapranos of former Pip Blom tour mates Franz Ferdinand, who hops on the album’s giddy highlight, “Is This Love?”.

As well as a musical eureka moment, Bobbie is also a lyrical evolution for Blom. “I always find lyrics difficult because I’m not a native speaker,” she says. “I find it hard to spend time on them because it feels a bit forced.” For the new album, she wrote what she calls ‘guide books’ of the general themes and ideas wanting to be tackled, before teaming up with McCracken to sculpt them into songs.

Despite the huge strides taken on album three, it appears to confirm that Bobbie is only the next step in Pip Blom’s journey, and far from a final destination. “I wanna start again,” she and the band sing together to send the album off, revolutionizing their sound in the most thrilling of new beginnings. So, so much more is sure to come.

1. Not Tonight

2. Tiger

3. Red

4. Kiss Me By Candlelight

5. I Can Be Your Man

6. Where’d You Get My Number

7. Brand New Car

8. Is This Love?

9. Fantasies

10. Again

11. Get Back

12. 7 Weeks


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