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OHHMS Release New Album “Rot” Out via Church Road Records Album Feature | Gavin Brown

June 1, 2023

OHHMS Release New Album “Rot” Out via Church Road Records

Riff-filled mayhem is the order of the day on the long-awaited new Ohhms album Rot which sees the band bringing the noise over the album’s nine tracks,  in an even bigger way than they have previously done.

With the band hitting new and unexplored heights with their brilliant last album Close, which saw the music of Ohhms elevating with a more experimental slant at times, Rot sees them going back to their roots a little more but this time they’re going bigger and bolder with their songs and what they are about, and they sound like they’re having such a fun time doing so.

Rot is an album that is steeped in horror movie homage from start to finish (from the song titles and lyrics to the fantastic album artwork) and fans of the band should definitely endeavour to check out the films that the tracks are based on as they are all definitely worth checking out and embracing.

From the opening intro Tonight’s Feature Presentation, which sets the macabre scene of the full cinematic horror experience that is about to come into full effect, it is clear that Ohhms has delivered something that is a love for them and as soon as Let’s Scare Jessica To Death comes to life (or death as the case is better put), it’s a nonstop blast of horrific audio fun.

Tracks like Blood Feast, The Mephisto Waltz and Swamp Thing are all delivered with passion and gusto and the album is a joy to fully embrace.

Rot is another brilliant album from Ohhms, something that and sees the band expanding with their songwriting even more. This is a record that should be turned up very loud to fully experience it and truly feel the love the horror and big riffs that Ohhms have.



Words: Gavin Brown

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