Lust For Youth Share New Video For Single “Giorgia”- Out Now via Sacred Bones

June 3, 2023

Lust For Youth Share New Video For Single “Giorgia”

Out Now via Sacred Bones

Lust For Youth is a Swedish/Danish synth pop duo comprised of Hannes Norrvide and Malthe Fischer. They have released several critically acclaimed albums, gaining recognition for their distinct fusion of dreamy, melodic pop and dark brooding undertones. Their latest single, ”Giorgia”, is a guitar driven anthem and with a pulsating synth bass, that evokes the hazy warmth of summer nights while also conveying a disquieting sense of darkness and unease. The track marks the first time that Hannes writes and sings in his native Swedish, revealing a new layer of vulnerability to Lust For Youth’s music.

Out now is “Giorgia” music video. Shot in a forest in the northern part of Skåne (Sweden), it follows Hannes as he is chased through the woodlands by some scary creatures. 

“In the depths of the Swedish forest, a thrilling pursuit ensues. 
Hannes faces a relentless chase by two terrifying, ominous characters 
who prompt us to question: What power lies within us to 
conquer our inner demons?” 
– Lust For Youth 

The music video director Alexander Brask had this to say: “Giorgia resonated with me immediately. Hannes singing in his native Swedish, and the self-revealing lyrics about being caught up by mistakes of the past, and scrambling to come out as better version on the other side of the realisation. That transformation was the starting point of the video, and I wanted to express it by fleeing something or someone in a car. From there we went to a friend in the Swedish forest who happened to have a kitten mask, ATV and a broken cowboy wood fired bathtub and it all came together.”

This adventurous theme cascades from the core of this cathartic composition. The atmosphere sweeps the listener into the flurry of the landscape and keeps them fixated on the journey and more importantly the vibe that the outfit produce, simply infectious.

Known for their captivating live performances, Lust For Youth has cultivated a dedicated following by seamlessly integrating dreamy pop hooks, infectious beats and brooding synth scapes. In June, they will be performing at the iconic Sydney Opera House alongside HTRK, Croatian Amor and Yl Hooi.

See Lust For Youth live:
9 June – Miscellania, Melbourne
10 June – The Dome, Melbourne
27 October – Sanctum Festival, Chicago
4 November – Substance Festival, Los Angeles

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