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Emily Magpie Releases New EP “She”- Out Now via Def Pressé | EP Feature

June 13, 2023

Emily Magpie Releases New EP “She”

Out Now via Def Pressé

Following the stunning single release of “Down In The Deep” which we shared last month, Emily Magpie has now followed the single release with the three-track EP release of “She”. The new EP is a completely consuming collection of complex, fragile and courageous compositions. The EP was released 7th June via Def Pressé and marks the first release for Emily on the label.

She” is described as a project which is both deeply personal and universal. With lyrics exploring advice given by friends and the value of community, wrestling with dark parts of yourself and your place in society, it’s an ambitious and thrilling journey packed into three left-field pop songs. 

EP opener “She Said” begins with these softer tones and textures, elevating the ambience and giving this playful touch, delicate, reflecting very briefly of innocence. Then Emily’s vocal melodies join and this warbling synth soars through the soundscape, the lyrics and the robust darker tone begin to piece a different vision to the first few bars. This is a journey, it travels through hypnotic passages of intensive peaks and gentle swoops, the harmonies carefully placed within the arrangement to feel like an army is delivering the message. Whilst the bright upstrokes and additional percussive touches swirl into the immersive structure and add more animated movements to the journey. What we end up with, as we travel to the euphoric finale is this carnivalesque colour cascading from every attribute. Emily directs this adventurous arrangement.

With “Down In the Deep“, the EP shifts and immediately the shimmering tones and effects lace the very essential atmosphere, this warmth emits from the sparkling notes and the soundscape edges towards this cosmic cadence. Emily’s stunning vocal range joins the world, shifting the focus to the affectionate layers of her vocal notes, delicately looped with this explosive experimental touch. “Down In The Deep” is an enchanting exploration that moves the listener, the complexity in the atmospheric arrangement adds a stirring motion to this track, but Emily’s carefully placed harmonies and delicate injection lace the vision with this vivid emotive power. At just over 3 minutes, Emily brings this wealth of personal depth to the forefront of this mesmeric creation. Allowing this release to channel tender traits and intensity, hand in hand.

Finally, the EP finishes with the electrifying “Blistered Tongue”. Carefully crafted utilizing the intimate foundation and building emotive waves via the lyrics. Marching drum shuffles and intricate notes feed the formation and provide this compelling pulse to the arrangement. This atmosphere mirrors this deep story, a story we are pulled within to experience this account in all its glory, to embrace the electronic power. The track delivers this expressive nature and isn’t shy to rely on experimentation to bounce from the organic textures and forge this innovative companionship. Ultimately, this track offers this mesmeric traction and pushes on the magnetism of the infectious elements. The repetitive loops reflect this addictive influence and when the track plays out, the melody remains.

Emily Magpie’s production is described as equally mesmerising, that we concur, a fusion of her soaring vocals, sunshine guitar, ambient loops and driving synth which morph into different sonic landscapes for each track, pulling in and out of traditional pop structures. Working with her bandmates Kieran Ball and Max Harrison to bring a live rawness to her sound, the energy works.

Over the years, we’ve witnessed this artist progress and the depth of Emily’s songwriting abilities has flourished, strengthened and showcases this immense range. With this EP, Emily is proud to touch on volatility, proud to explore deeper themes and bring all to life. Three tracks that empower, engage and enthral.



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