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Dead Movie Animals Release New Single “The Everafter” – Out Now | Single Feature

June 9, 2023
Synne Sofi Bårdsdatter Bønes

Dead Movie Animals Release New Single “The Everafter”

Out Now

Over the last few days, Norweigan band Dead Movie Animals have been dropping the most impressive visualizations to tease new material, teaming up with the incredible Georgian photographer Nina Nayko, these teasers have gained thousands of views and have spread the talents of the band and the photographer to a whole new level.

With the teasers, today finally welcomes the anticipated release of the new single “The Everafter”.

Casting back to the start of this year, just 6 days into 2023, to discover a new outfit and their new single release that just captivated immediately, it truly animated this refreshing spark for music discoveries. Since then the track and the band have been heavily played on rotation through playlists, and with a string of live shows taking place in the last couple of months, you can see their traction rightfully grow. To have that initial excitement from the pair and this innovative feeling from embracing their creativity, we are now delighted to share their follow-up single release, and this is equally enthralling.

The Everafter wastes no time introducing this almighty tone, gripping the audience’s attention as they grasp the enveloping exploration. Appreciating immediately the rapturous tonality, and the behemoth energy of this band, carefully captured with such sincerity throughout their recorded efforts. Dead Movie Animals are producing such vast and enigmatic landscapes that so clearly convey this crushing power of the musicians, united.

As the drum beats resonate in the background, growing more defined and louder, cycling into the front position of the release. Soon the drumkit collides with the sonically-swift guitar rhythms and this shattering surge in volume moves this track to a higher level. Ferocity feeds through the arrangement and offers this battle of smashing beats and explosive resonance. Deep, gritty guitar slashes through the momentum joined with boisterous yet precise hits. The track turns with the vocal notes, they demand your full attention, fluctuating through the monolithic atmosphere and adding this melodious velocity. Let’s not forget, the volume of this track alludes to a much bigger outfit, but these two musicians give everything and create a very full, infectious, ardent arrangement.

Dead Movie Animals have this knack for exploring alternative peaks, constantly creating this journey that shifts, adapts, grows and suddenly stops. At all times, Dead Movie Animals are in control of their atmospherical creation and they have the power at their fingertips, and filling their vision with endless hooks is one thing, but to keep their audience on this unpredictable voyage, it’s an inspiring feat. Embrace the weight of this track, embrace the volatility, their vivid character provides the most expressive nature within their world, a world that delivers.

Something tells us, the best is yet to come for this outfit.




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