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Angharad Releases New Single “Postpartum” – Out Now via Libertino Records | Single Special

June 13, 2023

ANGHARAD Releases New Single “Postpartum”

Out now via Libertino

Our first introduction to ANGHARAD came from the mighty, explosive release of her single “Because I Am A Woman”, we shared details of the release last month and immediately it was clear ANGHARAD is this powerful voice we need to embrace, understand and connect with.

Now, ANGHARAD celebrates the release of her second single “Postpartum”, a striking and honest release that you can hear streaming below.

ANGHARAD explains about the background to ‘Postpartum’:

“This is about all the things that they don’t tell you about child birth and early motherhood. It’s a list about the uglier side of childbirth, and its effects on a woman’s body, physically and mentally, and in particular the acute loss of identity we feel when we bring life into the world.

There’s a dark humour here, because the truth is, we wouldn’t have it any other way. But if only I had this song to listen to before becoming a mother for the first time, I think I would have been a bit more prepared about what was to come! If you didn’t know about cluster feeding, the hair loss, Mothers Thumb and that first ‘accident’, then let this song educate you. It’s not all cute and fluffy, and it’s time we open up about this.

I’m a prisoner to the sofa, and I’ve lost what makes me me, it true that all I am, is a mother to my baby?” Is a genuine cry of desperation about losing one’s identity. This 3 minute song will be more useful and educational than a 6 week ante-natal class!”

The track starts with this introduction to sudden gripping textures and the formidable low-end, a labyrinth of stirring rhythms and piercing attributes, the journey so far is purposely treacherous, jarring and uneasy, mirroring the intimate lyrics that direct this composition. ANGHARAD removes all barriers and boundaries between artist and audience and uses this platform to cover the raw and frank journey that motherhood conveys. The lost identity of a woman, this isolating journey is captured in the vivid lyrics that soar through the sonically complex landscape.

In the first single, this joyousness exploded through the atmosphere linked hand in hand with the very sincere lyrics and this fearless commitment explores the honest insights of womanhood. Now, this darker, unstable, volatile landscape still offers the same lyrical commitment but explores more experimental attributes and chaotic passages. This unpredictable movement threads through the journey and shifts the intensity throughout, leaving the audience unprepared for the mosaic of progression.

ANGHARAD stands tall, sharing such detailed encounters and exploring the sense of the new weight, to be able to capture the heaviness of that responsibility within this ravishing atmosphere is a mighty feat. Electrifying and dominant, you will be moved by this rebellious and challenging creation.

“Postpartum” Out Now via Libertino Records




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