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Allegra Krieger Shares New Single “Nothing In This World Ever Stays Still” & Signs To Double Double Whammy

June 7, 2023

Allegra Krieger Shares New Single “Nothing In This World Ever Stays Still”
Signs To Double Double Whammy

Announces New LP

I Keep My Feet on the Fragile Plane Out July 21st

Allegra Kreiger is announcing her signing to Double Double Whammy (Florist, Babehoven, Hatchie) for the release of her LP I Keep My Feet on The Fragile Plane (out July 21st). A New York-based songwriter, Krieger has been attracting attention in the city in recent times, playing with artists like Joanna SternbergGreg Mendez and Young Jesus, and her budding fanbase as grown to include some prominent songwriters, including Tomberlin, who called Krieger’s last LP one of her favorite albums of 2022, Adrienne Lenker, and Krieger was recently announced as an opener on Angel Olsen‘s fall tour. 

The upswell of grassroots support around Krieger is a testament to the arresting power of her songwriting, something that is immediately apparent on the first single from her new LP, “Nothing In This World Ever Stays Still,” which premiered via FADER to mark the album’s announcement. 

The new single immediately compels the listener, as they join this formidable journey that Krieger has developed. A journey of intricacies and emotional agility that embeds into the structure and emits from the expressive vocal harmonies from Allegra. It’s a volatile exploration that simply flourishes as the lyrical voyage expands. Whilst you are fixated on the words and the vocal harmonies that cover this almighty range, the atmosphere soon establishes itself as striking. The sweeping pedal steel tones shine as the bright tonality relishes within the landscape, but ultimately this track offers such a voluminous kaleidoscopic detail.

Abetted by the pedal steel playing of Lightning Bug‘s Kevin Copeland and produced with Luke Temple (Adrienne Lenker, Hand Habits, Nick Hakim) and Jeremy Harris, the track showcases Krieger’s skill at capturing small details, setting scenes and collating disparate elements to portray the moments when everyday life approaches the sublime. Steeped in the tedium of a dead end bar job and the indifferent beauty of Southern California, the song is patiently constructed in a way that makes it feel timeless, and dense in a way that demands repeat listens. As with many of Krieger’s songs, there’s always just a little more going on than it feels possible to put your arms around the first time you try.

“I wrote this song in a tumultuous time in my life out in LA for a brief stint,” Krieger explains.

 “Everything felt connected and in constant motion, work came and work went, wildfires were raging, a relationship was failing. I was experiencing wildly meaningful phone calls with potential craigslist employers. The house I was staying in had a balcony which looked out over the expansive suburban valley. Beautiful sunsets. I was embracing the movement and the chaos, and the way everything fit together. Everything felt wrong, but the wrongness felt correct.”Krieger’s upcoming tour dates with Greg Mendez, Angel Olsen and Frances Chang can be found below.

I Keep My Feet on The Fragile Plane will be released on Double Double Whammy on July 21st. It is available for preorder/presave HERE.

Allegra Krieger – I Keep My Feet on the Fragile Plane Tracklist
1. Making Sense Of
2. A Place For It To Land
3. Nothing In This World Ever Stays Still
4. Let It Go Watch It Come Back 
5. I Wanted To Be
6. I Had Some To Give
7. Carry Me Into Tomorrow
8. Terribly Free
9. Low
10. Lingering

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