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Aaronson Release New Single “Where Do You Go When You Disappear?”- Out via Dirty Carrot Records | Single Special

June 6, 2023

Aaronson Release New Single “Where Do You Go When You Disappear?”

Out via Dirty Carrot Records

South Wales Post-Rock band Aaronson have just released their triumphant new single “Where Do You Go When You Disappear?“, the new track is out now via Dirty Carrot Records and is streaming below.

The new single is taken from the band’s forthcoming album “The Great Swells That Carry Us Will Pull Us Under” which is due for release 14th July. The album is described as a sonic marvel filled with beautifully arranged ambient post-rock that will season the senses.

You can feel the tension rise and challenge the emotion at the core of the new release from Aaronson. “Where Do You Go When You Disappear?” slowly builds up the immense structure, adapting to the volatile landscape that dynamically shifts and flourishes into intensive peaks throughout. The release and the gripping tonality keep the audience on their toes, whilst you hook to the tonal choice and blistering rhythms that blaze throughout the arrangement, the shimmering effects soon turn to aggressive strokes and this quick contrast to the softer melodies adds to this unpredictable course.

Aaronson excels as an outfit when their united force combines, this air of escapism cascades through the energy that is captured in their latest release. They intricately design this compelling landscape that devours this essential journey. The heaviness of this outfit is captured with such clarity yet offers this completely accessible connection, joining that mighty power, the band weave this abundance of melody through the density of their fierce might and that melody simply shines. This new composition embraces this vivid complexity and proudly installs this excitement for the album that is due to follow.




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