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 two blinks, i love you release new single “loveseat’ – Debut EP out June 2nd via Heist Or Hit

May 24, 2023
Photo Credit: Kate Davies

 two blinks, i love you release new single ‘loveseat’

Debut EP – ep 1 – out June 2nd via Heist or Hit

two blinks, i love you releases new single ‘loveseat’ today ahead of debut EP – the aptly titled ep 1 – which is out June 2nd  via Heist or Hit. It’s accompanied by a video take-off of a ghost of the internet past… 

two blinks, i love you is the new project from Liverpool-based songwriter Liam Brown, best known for his work as pizzagirl – where he built zany, aesthetic bedroom-pop worlds across two albums admired by VICE (Noisey), The Guardian, The FADER, PASTE, BBC 6Music and Radio 1, and more.  

At the end of last year he emerged in this new guise with the austere but emotive debut single ‘i love you’, followed by February’s ‘carnegie hall’ and April’s ‘birthday surprise’ – and quickly caught the attention of Pitchfork, The Independent, The Evening Standard, The Line of Best Fit, CLASH, DORK, Atwood Magazine and more. 

The finely honed sound calls to mind the wistful off-piste ruminations of Alex G, Yo La Tengo, Elliott Smith, The Mouldy Peaches or Wilco. In a similar vein to these inspirations, Liam aims to marry raw, rootsy elements with a subtle, compelling production glean. 

loveseat’ is the latest example of this – and Liam explains the themes behind the track: 

“Lyrically, I’d like to think it’s about the tiny parts of a relationship that once it’s ended become obsessed over in some nostalgic romanticised capacity, even if at the time it wasn’t particularly a good memory. I also pay my respects to my first early internet experience – ‘chocolate rain’. Finding that at that age and time is still really nostalgic for me, so I think it kind of bled into other areas of my life to look back on rather than just specifically relationships.” 

The world of two blinks, i love you is one that moves you, and consumes you to your core. The vision for Liam’s creative release allows this more profound connection with the listener, the music resonates with power, affection, and exceptional understanding. The immense emotive attachment that flourishes through the new single, not only moves the listener, it alters their own world. There is no way not to be affected by the striking sentiment that laces this release and all those that were previously released. The new single is built on the strength of the vibrant guitar tones and tonality, the resonator growing in its intensity and reach throughout. The world simply explodes to the very cathartic final few bars where the power has hit its peak. Honestly, remarkable.

This new EP is set to be a timeless and crucial collection.

ep 1 will be the first full project from two blinks, i love you out June 2nd via Heist or Hit – new single ‘loveseat’ trails this today


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