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Self-Immolation Music Announce Debut Album “Infinity Trip” out 9th June on Delicious Clam Records & Share New Single “Kaleidoscope”

May 26, 2023
credit Sam Hutchinson

Self-Immolation Music

Announce debut album, Infinity Trip, out 9th June on Delicious Clam Records

After self-releasing a handful of demos and putting out a 7” flexi-disc on Donor Records, Self-Immolation Music offer up Infinity Trip, their debut album on Delicious Clam Records.

Lead single “Kaleidoscope” combines warped synthesisers, wall of noise guitar, thundering bass and hard-hitting krautrock drums to produce drugged out psychedelia played with the intensity of punk rock. 

The band’s members grew up playing in punk and hardcore bands (The Shits, Beta Blockers, Frisk, Tramadol, Implement, Cheap Surgery, Lugubrious Children, etc), so their approach to songwriting is to make it as loud and abrasive as possible.

Vocalist Josh prefers his voice to serve as another layer of whirling noise in their rich and heavy sound, rather than a way to tell a linear story. He takes a “stream of consciousness” approach to writing, enjoying the opportunity it gives him to meditate and reflect on the human condition. “Kaleidoscope” speaks on the quandary of modernity.

Delicious Clam Records · Kaleidoscope

This mammoth release provides this electryifing essence from the first introduction to the whailling feedback forming the vast landscape. When the complex instrumentation join, big drum beats, gritty and racuous fuzz, this complex depth, psychedelic rhythms and the growling energy all form the ultimate hook. The composition grows and expands and futuhher catapults the audience into the midst of these experimental escallations. This boundless power emits throughout the vivid journey and Self-Immolation Music deliver this erratic and essential track. This release showcases the bands’ ability to create this immersive sonically alluring assault. Above all, this track is exciting.

Infinity Trip marks the start of a new era for Self-Immolation Music. After three years of experimenting with a completely new sound palette, they emerge with a cohesive and unique take on psychedelia through a punk lens. There are nods to the quintessential psychedelic bands that inspired them (Spacemen 3, Hawkwind, The 13th Floor Elevators) but we get something raw and heavier than you might expect. 

Upcoming shows:

26th May – Hyde Park Book Club, Leeds

9th June – *Secret Venue*, Leeds

16th June – The Shacklewell Arms, London

17th June – The Golden Lion, Bristol

18th June – Duffy’s Bar, Leicester

19th June – JT Soar, Nottingham

20th June – The Peer Hat, Manchester

22nd June – Bloc, Glasgow

23rd June – The Lubber Fiend, Newcastle

24th June – Delicious Clam, Sheffield


1. Kaleidoscope
2. Hearing Voices
3. New Alchemy
4. Infinity Trip
5. Anhedonia
6. Working For God

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