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Saloon Dion Release Debut EP “Muckers” – Out Now via Muckers Records | Release Feature

May 21, 2023
Photo Credit: Felix Bartlett

SALOON DION Release Debut EP ‘Muckers’

Out Now via Mucker Records

After a relentless start to the year filled with jam-packed UK shows and a seven-day stint at this year’s SXSW, Bristol post-punk specialists Saloon Dion release their debut EP Muckers’, released Friday, May 19th via Mucker Records and available now.

Saloon Dion are Dave Sturgess (vocals/synth), Tom Simpkins (guitar/vocals), Taryn McDonnell (guitar/vocals), Luke Mullins (bass) and Ben Molyneux (drums).

The anticipation of this debut release has really been ineffable, from the first taste of Saloon Dion‘s magic, the audience could immediately appreciate this outfit’s boundless energy and vision. Now their debut EP captures this in abundance.

EP opener “I Don’t Feel” was originally our own first insight into this outfit and it blew us away. Now the track is perfectly positioned to commence the collections’ proceedings, the track propels the outfit into its immense voyage. Immediately the raucous tonality kicks off the tracks proceedings and starts to sculpt the mighty landscape. The distorted rhythm feeds in the boisterous yet dynamic drum shuffles and the bass then weaves into the world, this soundscape already feels heavy and packed, and then the vocal notes enter and add this robust shift to the power.

Leading into their second single “Happiness“, which delivers another essential and stellar cut from this exhilarating outfit. You’ll be hooked on the expressive harmonies and the vivid lyrics, and any listener will be singing back immediately. The tonal qualities of this release exude such a striking appeal. The blistering guitar tones sweep through, elevated by the dramatic drum shuffles and fierce hits, fixated on the lyrics and compelling vocal range whilst the track explores such dramatic turns, abruptly shifting through this range of rhythmic patterns and ending on the darting break-down and mighty percussive plays, this track is a triumph.

Heaven Sent” shifts the journey with this infectious melody that carves its way from the first bar. This almost stop-start commitment with the fierce rhythms leads to the daring atmosphere, packed with the blistering appeal of the backing vocal notes lifting the intensity of this track. The united melodies and aggressive vocal notes combined add this deeper complexity to the release. The thicker textures and the tempo of this track all weave this vital weight into the ensemble. As the release heads towards this electrifying breakdown, the musicians begin to course their infectious values back to the spirit of this release. Saloon Dion has mastered the art of holding their power, holding their audiences’ attention and creating this vivid exploration that all can truly embrace.

Finally, the EP ends with the cathartic and momentous closer “You Want More“, intelligently ending the track with the same appeal as its song title. With the angular attributes taking centre stage throughout this resilient release. There is a very clear aggressive touch flourishing throughout the journey but it’s handled, it’s restrained, yet proudly demonstrates the unlimited volatility of this band. Saloon Dion has this intelligent anger soaring throughout each release, at times ready to rupture within the addictive melodies, at times never quite reaching the surface which eludes to this unpredictable pace throughout.

It’s a remarkable debut. This outfit feels more progressive, more mature, more wise to their abilities. This release doesn’t speak new, it embraces this established feel from the band and that really is an incredible feat. Saloon Dion has truly honed in on the outfits; the ability to create ferocious and formidable arrangements. A band that clearly appears to be leagues ahead of their current journey. Utilizing alluring tonality, raucous character, and addictive attributes. There’s a real sense of freedom within the world of Saloon Dion, they channel this fearless and free vision within their work and it bounces from each release they share.



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