Pelican Announce Deluxe Remixed & Remastered Edition of Classic “The Fire In Our Throats Will Beckon The Thaw” out July 21st via Thrill Jockey Records

May 3, 2023

Pelican Announce Deluxe Remixed & Remastered Edition of Classic “The Fire In Our Throats Will Beckon The Thaw” out July 21st via Thrill Jockey Records

Pelican and Thrill Jockey are proud to present a deluxe edition of Pelican’s acclaimed 2005 album The Fire In Our Throats Will Beckon The Thaw, out July 21st, 2023. The newly remixed and remastered album features special bonus rarities including an early version of “Red Ran Amber,” (previously only available on a split with MONO) and demos of “Autumn Into Summer,” “Last Day of Winter” and “Sirius”. With the fresh new mix by Greg Norman and remastering by Josh Bonati, the deluxe edition brings a clarity and punch to the recordings that highlight the interplay between each member. The rhythm section of bassist Bryan Herweg and drummer Larry Herweg shines more brightly, bolstering the intricate melodicism and interlocking riffing between guitarists Trevor Shelley de Brauw and Laurent Schroeder-lebec. The more articulate presentation of the album showcases the power of each individual player while buttressing Pelican’s distinct sound as a unified force.

The full force of the album’s increased sonic heft is evinced in today’s release of album standout “March to the Sea,” whose new mix/master, an essential epic in the band’s catalog which embraces the darker tropes of metal and twists them into knottier, more nuanced webs.

“As part of the long process of assembling these reissues we went back to the original tapes and made transfers to ensure we had digital backups of everything as well as physical,” Shelly de Brauw explains. “Greg oversaw this work at Electrical Audio and somewhere in the process of archiving the original 24 track tapes of Fire In Our Throats he had the brainstorm that he wanted to take another pass at the mixes with all the experience he’s accrued in the years since the original recording. The album was a really pivotal one for us, but admittedly the original mix sessions were rushed and the final product always felt like it was lacking something. From the first test mix Greg sent over we knew that we had the rare opportunity to hear the album the way we’d long envisioned. We cannot wait for people to hear the new life that he’s breathed into this album.”

Following the heavy riffing bombardment of AustralasiaThe Fire In Our Throats showcased the group’s compositional deftness via the addition of increasingly complex melodic layers. The genre-busting nature of the album’s melodicism and refined dynamics was a harbinger of things to come in a genre whose strict boundaries were rapidly being shattered; a fact recognized and cemented by the album’s critical reception, which engendered everything from an Album of the Year nod from Decibel to pontifications about Pelican representing a rising wave of intellectualism in metal from the New York Times.

The Fire In Our Throats established Pelican as indisputable masters of their craft. Pelican’s ability to alchemize their influences into a sound so wholly original and then expand on that sound into a work of captivating beauty remains a marvel. The album indelibly shifted the paradigm of heavy music and the ripples of that shift can be heard in the countless bands who have risen to prominence since its release. Nearly two decades since the album’s release on Hydra Head RecordsThe Fire In Our Throats has stood as not just one of the band’s most celebrated releases, but as a watershed work of avant-metal.

Pelican & Upper Wilds tour dates
Aug. 9 – Indianapolis, IN – TBC
Aug. – 10 Louisville, KY – TBC
Aug. 11 – Detroit, MI – TBC
Aug. 12 Chicago, IL – Metro

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