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Liturgy Release New Album “93696” – Out Now via Thrill Jockey Records Album Review | Gavin Brown

May 30, 2023


New Album 93696

Out Now via Thrill Jockey

93696, the new album from Brooklyn, NYs Liturgy combines their own interpretation of black metal (something they have always done whether with progressive rock, hip hop and other styles of music) with an avant-garde twist combined with all manner of electronic and shoegaze flourishes all resulting in an album that is as beautiful as it is ferocious.

93696 sees Liturgy reaching new sonic heights throughout its duration and it is their most ambitious record to date with soaring highs galore alongside so many melancholy and beautifully atmospheric soundscapes.

Tracks like the opening beauty of Daily Bread, Angel Of Sovereignty, Before I Knew The Truth and the closing Immortal Life II are all perfect examples of the sound and vision that Liturgy have gone for on this album and the results all sound so immense, it’s akin to a religious experience when listening to them.

This is an album that you truly immerse yourself in and Liturgy’s perfect balance of atmosphere, darkness and haziness is simply a joy to listen to, and much like Liturgy’s back catalogue there are so many diverse, vital and vibrant ideas going, that it is a joy to hear them unfold, and unfold they do in fine style as Liturgy prove, as they have done before just how good a band they are.

The vocals of Haela Ravenna Hunt-Hendrix (also Liturgy’s guitarist and electronics maestro) see her delivering sublime performances on the songs of 93696 ably assisted by the thunderous and dreamlike music that the rest of Liturgy provide and the band sound like they are exploring so many feelings and textures as they play their songs proudly and passionately.

93696 is a triumph of an album and sees Liturgy expanding their music even further, proving that the band’s boundary exploring and blurring is stronger than ever, and long may that continue to flourish and it will as the complexities of the band’s music is so worth immersing yourself within.



Words: Gavin Brown

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