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Helen Money & Will Thomas Share Cinematic Title Track From New Album “Trace” due May 12th via Thrill Jockey Records

May 9, 2023
Helen Money/Will Thomas by Jim Newberry

Helen Money/Will Thomas Share The Cinematic Title Track From New Album Trace

Helen Money/Will Thomas’ collaborative album Trace is out May 12th via Thrill Jockey Records

Ahead of the release of their new collaborative album Trace, out this Friday, May 12th, cellist Helen Money and composer Will Thomas are sharing the album’s luscious, immersive title track. Demonstrating the duo’s masterful command or atmosphere and texture, “Trace” emerges from sweeping cello vapours and crystalline piano chords, building from slow, delicate gestures into a hypnotic pulse as the piece grows more rhythmically and sonically dense; each deviation rewarding with unexpected textures and sounds.

Gripping, the moment you embrace the soundscape the movement pulls you and provides this mesmeric appeal. A truly emotive landscape that emits this warmth, charm and captivating kinetic energy. This dynamic ensemble brings this soaring affective drive to every characteristic of the vision, each element, brooding tone, sharp burst and dramatic intensity. Together, the pair are creating such heightened ensembles which are exceptionally emotionally charged and complex. This orchestration moves you to your core, the shifting power conveys a story you need to embrace and allow the remarkable theme to alter you. It’s sharp, destructive and daring. The tension keeps you fixated on the placement.

Helen Money and Will Thomas are masters of invoking emotional atmospheres. Their music paints in vibrant hues with outlines blurred, often using dense layers of processed instruments and textural ambience as a backdrop for harmonic tension and melodies. Trace is thrillingly cinematic. Each piece tells a compelling story through ratcheting suspense, twisting shifts, unfurling arcs, and blissful repose. “I don’t compose with a storyline in mind,” says Chesley. “I search for a feeling – a sound. It’s often not until the very end of the process that I realize what I was trying to express.” Throughout the album, Helen Money and Will Thomas utilize timbre, tone and dynamics as essential tools in crafting stunning emotive narratives. Together, the duo wield sound with inquisitive aplomb, burrowing into each other’s sonic aesthetics and unearthing irrefutable beauty.

Helen Money plans to tour in support of the album throughout 2023, with dates to be announced.

Helen Money/Will Thomas – Trace tracklist
1. Someone Out There
2. Thieves
3. Half Asleep
4. Boulevard in Silence
5. Abandon
6. Trace
7. She Never Suspected
8. Half Awake
9. Tilt
10. Glass Shattered
11. The Wheel

Pre-order Helen Money/Will Thomas’s Trace:

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