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Emily Magpie Releases New Single “Down in the Deep”- Out Now on Def Pressé, EP “She” due 7th June | Single Special

May 12, 2023

Emily Magpie

Releases New Single “Down In The Deep”

Taken From Forthcoming EP “She”

Emily Magpie shares Down in the Deep’ ahead of the release of her EP ‘She’ on 7th June. This highly anticipated EP has already received praise from BBC 6 Music and is Emily’s first release with Def Pressé. With her unique ethereal and otherworldly style, artist and producer Emily delves deep into her experiences of being a woman and wider archetypes of the light and dark feminine.

“Beautiful, I feel like I’m underwater when I listen to this. Amazing artist”- Nabihah Iqbal, BBC 6 Music

‘Down in the Deep’ is an immersive listen, with Emily’s haunting vocals submerged in layers of swirling synth, guitar and piano.

Emily says “I created this EP to explore my own experience of being a woman- which is beautiful and messy! I wanted to extend this out in a universal way to others, all with their own unique stories and voices. The feminine, which exists outside of gender. There’s beauty, celebration, darkness and the unknown. Feminine energy is badass and there’s a massive history of it being suppressed which it’s important to challenge by us being heard.”

Immediately the shimmering tones and effects lace the very essential atmosphere, this warmth emits from the sparkling notes and the soundscape edges towards this cosmic cadence. Emily’s stunning vocal range joins the world, shifting the focus to the affectionate layers of her vocal notes, delicately looped with this explosive experimental touch. “Down In The Deep” is an enchanting exploration that moves the listener, the complexity in the atmospheric arrangement adds a stirring motion to this track, but Emily’s carefully placed harmonies and delicate injection lace the vision with this vivid emotive power.

Over the years, we’ve witnessed this artist progress and the depth of Emily’s songwriting abilities has flourished, strengthened and showcases this immense range. Now, Emily embarks on a truly touching formation, allowing volatile notes to surface, this fearless approach brings a moving ensemble that captures intimacy and becomes this crucial voyage that so many can connect with.

At just over 3 minutes, Emily brings this wealth of personal depth to the forefront of this mesmeric creation. Allowing this release to channel tender traits and intensity, hand in hand.

With the new release offering this infectious and lasting touch, we are already excited to hear what the forthcoming EP “She” will action as a compelling experience.

‘She’ is described as a project which is both deeply personal and universal. With lyrics exploring advice given by friends and the value of community, wrestling with dark parts of yourself and your place in society, it’s an ambitious and thrilling journey packed into three left-field pop songs. 

See Emily live in 2023-

27th May- Dot to Dot Festival, Bristol

14th June- EP Launch @ The Gallimaufry, Bristol

15th July- Readipop Festival, Reading

10th September- Bjork Night with Wig in a Box @ Rough Trade, Bristol

She Track Listing

She Said

Down in the Deep

Blistered Tongue



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