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Discover congratulations | Band Sign To Bella Union & Share New Single / Video “Junk”

May 5, 2023

Discover congratulations

Band Sign To Bella Union & Share New Single / Video “Junk”

The wealth of talent at Bella Union is something else, you can experience that with their latest signing congratulations.

Bella Union have announced their latest addition, congratulations. Described as boasting an impressive array of influences, congratulations are fiercely DIY and are sure to delight fans of Pom Poko, Jockstrap and Sleigh Bells. Think girl/boy centred vocals and eccentric fuzzed guitars lying on a bed of break beats and thunderous bass.

Today they share their new single “Junk”, which you can hear below:

Bright 4-piece are ready to enthrall. The fun, vivid energy, colourful character, and expressive nature of this outfit can be embraced through their latest single. A track that exudes this electrifying essence. At every layer, every turn, every burst, the energy consumes the audience.

Junk commences with the influx of playful percussive attributes and this fierce direction. The ferocity cascades from each musician and the instrumentation that oscillates through this raucous pattern. Constantly shifting through aggressive peaks whilst you fixate on the mighty vocal notes and demanding lyrics. The track resonates in this explosive manner which becomes the most impressive hook. If this is your first introduction to the outfit, prepare to be mesmerized.

Brighton 4-piece, congratulations refuse to sound like any one genre, blending an eclectic mix of music tastes and genres; “I was deep in my annual Prince and Chic phase- that’s where the chorus came from… we were playing around with the spicy, funky chords those folks might have used” says guitarist Jamie, “It’s a real contrast to the rest of the song, where the fuzz pedals come out and we really go for it”.

Each member is able to demonstrate their musical prowess, heard in the wild, frenetic riffs and melodies from Jamie Chellar and Greg Burns, the syncopated thunder of James Gillingham’s drum patterns, and most notably Leah Stanhope’s masterful vocals, which act as the glue holding the song together, ranging from snarls to smiles, and culminating in a blistering screaming fit.

‘Junk’ is the first single from congratulations’ forthcoming EP ‘Woo Hoo!’ and, like their previous releases, was recorded and produced entirely by the band, with the exception of mixing, where they enlisted the ears of close friend and multi instrumentalist Luke Phillips, of Icebeing and Clay Monke fame. Working out of sheds and bedrooms, the band are meticulously involved in every aspect of writing and recording. “We have no money” comments James “So we’ve got to be creative in the way we do things, and it’s worked out well because we get to do things our way and work with our friends”.

congratulations have gained notoriety for their explosive and electric live performances, where they have been able to put their new songs through their paces. “Junk was written in the studio but we’ve definitely been able to hone it live” notes Leah “it’s become way more fully realised with a lot of gigging and testing in front of different audiences. We’re really happy with it and can’t wait to show it to you”

Keep an eye out for news of the forthcoming EP.

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