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Dead Method Releases New Single “Faith In Judas” Out Now via Future Femme Records | Single Feature

May 21, 2023

Dead Method Releases New Single “Faith In Judas” Out Now via Future Femme Records

Towards the end of April, Alternative electro-pop icon (we deem Dead Method of this status), Dead Method released new single “Faith In Judas“. The new track is out and is the first release from Future Femme Records, Wales’ first LGBTQ+ record label, which focuses on working with LGBTQ+ artists to get them a seat at the table.

Following the explosive album release “Future Femme” which graced the world in the Summer of 2022, the album catapulted Dead Method into the rightful spotlight and gained a nomination for the 2022 Welsh Music Prize and later a finalist position.

Now the new single follows and further captures the importance of this artist. Dead Method is ready to kick off a new era of art and music. Produced by Edward Russell, this upbeat friendship breakup anthem with scathing lyrics and catchy melodies solidifies Dead Method as one of Wales’ most exciting new pop stars.

Faith In Judas” emerges with this immediate commanding pattern that quickly pushes the listener into the depth of the elevated ensemble. A sonically consuming landscape filled with cutting textures, shimmering rhythms and this dexterous low end. The electro magic is on full display throughout, the synth sounds give a nod to the 80’s classic yet the formation, the lyrics and the vivid energy result in this innovative characteristic. Dead Method has created this detailed and expressive atmosphere that emits this fierce disco-led shine whilst the lyrics offer a contrast to the dazzling body of the arrangement.

Always able to deliver these show-stopping soundscapes, Dead Method has this fearless energy to provide such intoxicating pop worlds with raw, combative lyrical twists.



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