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Cloth Release New Track “Ambulance” Taken From New Album “Secret Measure” Out This Friday via Rock Action Records & Share Live Dates

May 3, 2023
Credit Rosie Sco

Cloth Release New Track ‘Ambulance’

New Album ‘Secret Measure’ Out This Friday (5th May) via Rock Action Records

Run Of Live Shows Confirmed Inc. TRNSMT, Dot To Dot + Album Launch Shows at Glasgow’s Mono + London’s Greed

Glasgow-based twin-sibling duo Cloth (Rachael and Paul Swinton) are excited to unveil the final track released ahead of their upcoming album ‘Secret Measure’ (out this Friday, 5th May 2023). ‘Ambulance’ (listen here) showcases the album’s subtler side, conjuring an anxious temper that feels wholly compelling, the mood enhanced by the use of an instrument called a Santoor which adds a new melodic and percussive element to their sound while highlighting the album’s experimental traits.

‘Secret Measure’ is the band’s first full-length release on Rock Action Records (Mogwai, Arab Strap, The Twilight Sad) following the four-song ‘Low Sun EP’ (2022). The album was produced by Ali Chant (Yard Act, Katy J Pearson, Perfume Genius).

Paul had to say about the track –

‘Ambulance’ is about dealing with the aftermath of losing touch with someone who was a really influential person in your life. It explores the feeling of being lost in the remembrance of that person and what they meant to you. The song came together unusually quickly for us over a couple of baking hot summer days in Bristol and features an amazing percussive Indian instrument called a santoor which belonged to our producer, Ali Chant. The whole writing and recording of this song was so organic and exciting. It’s our favourite track from the record.

This hypnotic loop establishes the enchanting pull to the atmosphere, swept away with the guitar hooks and drum shuffles, Cloth defines their charm immediately. This fragile formation focuses on the softer vocal melodies that convey this deep emotive authority through the gentle lyrics. Whilst the sweeter harmonies glide with ease in the soundscape, the guitar passages and the particular bright tonality simply lift the movement with this warmth. Through the lyrics and the vivid energy of this exploration, Cloth connects to its audience and showcases this wealth of affection, a stirring movement that mesmerizes all. The pair weave this volatility into their vision and that fearless commitment is one of the most powerful attributes, alongside the refreshing touch the lasting arrangements exude.

In our first introduction to this outfit, we stated Cloth has this real sense of magic as an outfit, their vision can be easily connected with and the tonality and hypnotic melodies speak such emotive values, this needs to be shouted from rooftops, you will be transfixed on this outfit and their meaningful compositions.

Cloth are days away from releasing a truly crucial collection of tracks that will propel the pair onto their greatest adventure yet.

Officially forming in 2018, Rachael and Paul had spent years working creatively together, alone, honing their own wholly unique musical language. Cloth’s self-titled debut album (2019) resulted from a multitude of home-recorded phone notes, shaped into exquisite guitar-pop songs, which earned a spot on the coveted Scottish Album Of The Year shortlist. The duo landed support slots with Arab Strap and The Twilight Sad before catching the eye of Mogwai’s legendary Glasgow label Rock Action Records.

‘Secret Measure’ finds Clothexpanding their creative circle for the first time, turning their tried-and-tested insular working process on its head by collaborating with producer Ali ChantThe new record sees Paul step up as sole lyricist, where previously the siblings had collaborated. The duo’s debut LP dealt with disparate and often ambiguous lyrical themes; ‘Secret Measure’ is immediately more forthright. Centred around a desire for personal assurances, the album’s narrative reflects on Paul’s realisation that even as bleak as things get you can always find a flash of hope to hold on to if you look hard enough. Indicative of the musical bond that sits at the core of Cloth, Rachael trusted in the themes that Paul was exploring throughout the album, finding ways to impart her own experiences on the songs throughout the process.

Live Dates

5th May – Album Launch, Mono, Glasgow

6th May – Assai Records, Dundee (Matinee)

6th May – Assai Records, Edinburgh

10th May – Greed, London

14th May – In Colour, Leeds

19th May- Celebrate This Place, Cardiff

24th May – Bobik’s, Newcastle Upon Tyne

25th May – Jimmy’s, Liverpool

27th May – Dot to Dot, Bristol

28th May – Dot to Dot, Nottingham

7th July – TRNSMT, Glasgow Green


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